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    Member of the Week Award 4th to 10th Apr 2016

    Hi Members,

    This has reference to our earlier announcement for Member of the Week and our usual awarding system in Techulator, we are announcing the winner of the MOW for 4th to 10th Apr 2016, this week award goes to Timmappa Kamat for an outstanding contribution.

    Congratulations to Timmappa Kamat for MOW awards and best of luck members for the next time!.

    Thanks to all members and participants.
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    Thank you Hafeez for the wonderful announcement. So, ity is again the end of the month and the Member of the week award comes back to me! Feels good to be keeping the tradition alive.

    By he way, it is because of lack of competition that has helped me win the award this time around. I have had no great contribution as such.
    Thanks again.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Congratulations Timmappa on winning the Member of the week award.


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    Thank you Mahesh for those kind words of appreciation.
    However, I could see you are on a low profile on Techulator of late. I would wish to egg you on to come up with more and more of your valuable contributions.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Yes a bit slow lately on writing.

    I am learning Android App development for TV and smartwear last few weeks. So by the end of this year I am going to have atleast one app for these two devices. I have to keep on writing otherwise I'll lose my touch and writing style and have to start with basics all over again. Thanks for letting me on that.

    Once again congrats on winning MOTW.

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