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    Do you think we require a reply feature to improve conversation on

    Well, it's just a random thought that struck with me the another day while browsing over the forum.
    We ask questions and we get answers.But, getting into direct conversation to any of the answers is not possible so far.
    I guess a reply feature would make it easy to enquire about the queries in a more meaningful manner.

    What say folks ?
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    Well, I would disagree with that proposition. It will complicate the look of the forum. It will look something like what we have seen in the technology forums. The current arrangement is best suited for our style of working.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    So far, the responses of the users are quite less and hence maybe the idea of replies doesn't really create much impact.

    But, if at a time where you get a huge response to your question in this forum, replies makes real sense.

    Take for instance , mine being the second response makes it organised and looks like a conversation but if this comment was around the 10th in this page then it would look quite disorganised.

    But yes, for the time it doesn't make a huge difference as the reponses are quite low.
    Well, atleast a tagging system where by you can call out a specific person might prove good :)

    No worries. People's thoughts are different :)

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    The thing with the current forum is like any other PHP based forums. So the using it is lot easier. If you are going to make it quick question and answer like quora then it will clutter. The reason being the site has to change with overall interface.

    Also do understand that mobile interface and feature addition is harder. So you have to understand that t's not easy on implementation side. Because new format as it is makes it harder to navigate. I hope that more changes wont affect the readability and eventually the google revenue here.

    Your suggestions are good but I think from implementation wise they are going to make things harder here.

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    Exactly, Mahesh - that was the point I was trying to make. A Quora or Yahoo answers type of interface would make this forum a little cluttered. With the way we have been using the forum section on Spider network sites ( ISC the sister site of Techulator is a classic example where we get huge number of responsew to a particular thread, yet it uses the same interface as here).
    But, yes - I would agree to your request for the tagging option. That would indeed add value to your interactions in the forum. Let us bring it to the notice of the webmasters.

    Live....and Let Live!

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