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    Would you ditch an Android for an iPhone ? Share your opinion

    We've been hearing a lot about the rivalry between Android and iOS phone over the smartphone market for long.Well, it is an accepted fact that an iPhone looks more branded than an Android but the question about completely relying on an iPhone still scales left and right according to different users.

    Recently, my grandfather bought an iPhone 5s and for the first time ever I completely experienced the iPhone. But, I was left with the fact that completely relying on an iPhone is not a healthy discussion.

    The first thing that hold me behind is the lack of customization features compared to Android. Moreover, I store a heck of things on my Android and iPhone being unable to expand storage I'd find it little hard.
    It is indeed good to use an iPhone, hold it in your hand and walk around but I guess it can be only used as a secondary device for users like me. It is not a device that is fit for tough and mess use.

    What is your take on this ? With new iPhone launching every year loaded with new exciting features is it preferable to use an iPhone as a primary device completely ditching and Android ?
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    I would not. I am not comfortable with iOS. Android being an open source operating system lets you have your own way with what you want to do with the phone. I just love the way Android works.
    I am much happy with Android operating system. My reasons for not leaving Android are

    1. You will have a wide range of choice when it comes to devices. In iOS, your options are quite limited and the available ones are expensive.

    2. There are some features you won't get on an iOS. Couple of them are removable battery and expandable memory.

    3. Android has a phone for every sort of budget. Right from entry level smartphones to the premium ones, your options are unlimited.

    4. Wider choice of customization is what every technology geek will die for. iOS will not offer the level of customization of that extent.

    These are certain basic points that I really love about Android. I will never leave Android for an iPhone.

    Live....and Let Live!

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