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    Choosing which products to buy online

    I usually buy most of the products online. So most of my shopping time is on sites like flipkart, amazon, snapdeal and ebay. However I mostly buy the products such as gadgets, board games, decoration stuff etc.

    I wonder what most of the people buy online and when they skip buying online and go to shop. I mean which products to buy online and which to buy offline.

    Its hard to decide considering there are not many options out there for good products online and also offline there is less variety in shops.

    How do you decide which products to buy online and which products to go for local shopping? How do you save money in this process?
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    I usually doesn't make a list of what to buy online and offline. I usually go for clothing and gadgets online. Well, it's for the fact that I look out for discounts.
    My browsing for products online is highly centered around clothing in Myntra and whenever I see a good product with discount I go for it.
    When it comes to gadgets, I usually fix a product and then go for offline demo and then test it in local shops and buy it from wherever the price is low.

    The biggest thing that holds me behind from shopping online is that we are virtually experiencing the product and it indeed involves a great risk. Hence, when it comes to gadget I find some way to experience it offline.

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    Well, when it comes to online purchases, I do not go for a product blindly just because it is available at a great discount. I will weigh the features and the value for money point before opting for the product.

    And I prefer to buy as many products as possible through online mode. I do not want to limit myself a select set of items to buy online and the rest offline. If I can buy a genuine product online at a better discount, I will definitely opt for it.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Mostly people go for Online for electronics, gadgets and clothing like fashion accessories. Slowly it acquiring retail business. they already entered into groceries and it covering general retail or small general stores. People go for online mostly because of less strain no need to round and round shops and much discounts, wast varieties. If you found where you desired product available you can opt.

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