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    Which is the mobile app you cannot live without?

    The world today is centred around smartphones. And along with them come the mobile apps. We all have our own list of apps installed on our devices. But, not necessarily we use all of them regularly.

    As with me, I have over 100 apps on my smartphone ( in addition to the ones that the phone comes preinstalled with), but a few of them are seldom used. However, we all have a few apps that we can't live without. We check it first thing in the morning, work with it whole day and keep working with it till you go to sleep.

    I would invite fellow techians to share their favourite apps and the reasons there to.
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    I spend most of the time on apps that change the content on regular basis. So the following apps are the most used one.

    1. Quora.
    2. Startup news such as entrepreneur and bootstrapHQ
    3. Curiosity

    There are few other apps which are interesting lately. The one I came across last week is Arts and Culture from Google. This app gives you tour to museum and other places. You should definitely check out that app. You'll be hooked to that for hours.

    Another app I'd say that gets most of my time is youtube and TED. Both of these apps have lot of video content that can be worth spending time over.

    It's hard to find single app that can be good for me though. I am using multiple apps on everyday basis. It's hard to pick just one out of all these.

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    Good to see the list of those apps. It indeed is a great list of apps that you have.
    In fact, your choice of apps seems wonderful and of quite high taste.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Well, sometimes I feel like I'm privileged to be exposed to these smartphones and large number of apps that we count on everyday. But, sometimes I feel like getting out of this smartphone era and living the world as it is.
    The truth is , it's not possible. There are so many things that we depend on ,technologically.

    I spend most of my time socializing via social networking or communication apps. I even ask and answer questions at Quora. Learn things at Youtube. Keep notes on KEEP and read Medium :)

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    I like to spend time on useful and self-improvement apps and have been addicted to the following for a long time now:

    1. Quora (No introduction required)
    2. Duolingo (Learn basics of new languages)
    3. edX (Free online educational courses)

    I don't use Facebook/Instagram/Twitter anymore and the only social media accounts I have are the ones I use for blogging.

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    Well, I too am not much active on Facebook, but I use Twitter to be aware of day to day issues. My favourite apps are quite a few and the best among them are Talon ( for Twitter), Browsers (Chrome and UC Browsers being most favoured) and Wikipedia.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    I always keep least possible amount of apps in my smartphone. For example, I don't use shopping apps because I can access their websites with my browser. Likewise, I don't install social networking apps like fb, twitter etc. except Whatsapp.
    That said, these are the apps I can't live without:
    1. Quora.
    2. Greenify - a true battery saver app.
    3. Gmail - I can sync my gmail as well as outlook account.
    4. Xender - for file sharing.

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    For me it is just Freecharge, they have so many promotional offers running from time to time. Moreover, one can easily find promo codes that give instant cash back as well.

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    I am little different from your choice, most probably.

    I have to use Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp and LinkedIn apps. Beside, Gmail, GChat and Twitter. Without one of these are like I am incomplete on my personal updates for the day from Smartphone :-)


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