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    Again restricted in resource section

    I agree that my resources were rejected but I submitted all those 10 resources at one time. Reason is also same, saturated content. I request the webmaster to remove the restricted access. I will try to post articles on new topics now.
    Also I tried to message an editor, but it shows not allowed.
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    Getting ten articles renected in a row could have been instrumental in making you have restricted access to the articles section. I have gone through all those articles submitted by you.
    With no offence meant, please note that your articles lack depth one would wish to see. The information you provide in your resources just stays superficial. And then, all your articles published over the last month or so seem to concentrate on a couple of topics.

    By the way, you need to be a Gold level member to be able to use messaging system on the site.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    How can I get the access back ?

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    Well, I am sorry to state that there is no way I can help you with that. If it were automatic restriction, it would have been different issue. You may need to wait till you establish yourself with some good content in other sections,.

    I would suggest you to explore other sections of the site like Ask Experts or forum sections. Posting good and reliable content therein may help you gain confidence and thereby you may get the restriction removed. But, there is'nt any shortcut to do that as of now.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Hi Shail Kumari,
    When you post 10 articles at once each with just 500 words, it becomes sort of obvious that they are just shallow articles written just for the purpose of getting paid by the word count.
    This time we need to be sure of your writing skills before giving you back the posting permissions. For this, you need to participate in Forum or/and Ask Expert section and prove that you can do quality contribution. After that only would you be allowed back again in the Article section.

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    Dear Shail Kumari,
    Now you should contribute to other section of Techulator like Ask Expert , Forum section and wait few times to reapply request to unlock your restriction from article section. I hope that your request will accepted.

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    I request the webmaster to reconsider the decision based on my recent contribution.

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    Shail Kumari, We would advice you to stop making requests to the team to reconsider the decision. Keep contributing to the other sections including Forum, Ask Experts section and Resource response sections so that you can show your abilities as a contributor. Wait for a couple of months before making a fresh request for lifting the restriction.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    One month has passed since I made reconsideration request. Kindly check my contribution during this period and restore the posting rights.

    One more thing I would like to add here is that my articles were not rejected for having bad grammar or spelling mistakes. So why I am being asked to prove my abilities as a contributor. Those articles were rejected as they were considered to be written on saturated topics. I will try to avoid such topics in future.

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    You are right that those articles were not rejected due to poor English but rather because they were shallow and on saturated topics.

    However, since you were restricted I don't see any contributions from your side in any section of TEC. What we want to know is if you are capable of writing with original ideas or not. That's why you are asked to contribute to Forum and Ask Expert section. Please contribute 25 new answers to the Ask Expert section and then we can review your request.

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    I created this post on 17 april and had already made a lot of contribution in ask expert and forum section :

    Please check

    Those posts should be enough to judge the writing skills of a person.

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    I checked your contribution after 17th April and I am sorry to tell you that none of them meet the quality expectations that we have from authors of Article section.
    We are looking for in-depth knowledge about the topic you are taking up, fresh ideas and unique topics.
    Many of the answers you have done in Ask Experts are actually old questions from 2015 and are only related to blogging. You have asked a few good questions but then they don't display your ability to write good articles on such topics.

    We expect much better in the Article section.

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    First reply: You ave to make contributions on other sections.

    My reply: After adding contributions, I apply after a month.

    Second reply: I do not see any contributions after you were banned in resource section.

    My reply: Asked to check again with link to my contributions.

    Third reply : Checked the contributions and now there are contributions instead of "no contributions" . Now they are not good quality. Do you want me to compare the grammar of the posts with other articles that are being approved here now ?

    I think I am done on this website.

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