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    The garbage menace - do we have any technology driven solution?

    Issue of garbage has recently acquired a never before dimension. Especially in the cities, it has become a huge menace.
    Besides being an eyesore, the garbage dumps have also been quite polluting. Government is spending millions on the so called Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and associated initiatives. The outcome seems to be nothing more than a show off participation.

    Techians, can we evolve a technology driven initiative to get rid of this menace? Let us share our ideas about how can we get rid of the garbage issue. Being the people related to technology in one way or the other, we hopefully can share as many ideas as possible that may help India become a garbage free nation.

    Come on friends - share your ideas and experiences here.
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    Well, the issue is one of the most important and relevant one in the current days. Few months back, there was a strike in Hyderabad from the Municipal workers and they made the city a hell over a stretch of a month. I was guessing and anticipating an epidemic and it happened, we all went sick.
    It is the basic insincere attitude of we Indians that only and only technology can handle. Few things which make the Indian citizens work are "fear", "insecurity" and "public stigma". Technology can address all these by making things "public", by making things "automatically punishing" and spreading the sense of insecurity through these means.

    Apart from these, I have a few ideas to go easy with this issue:

    1. Normal citizens can be given an app where they can directly post a complaint to the Municipality if the garbage bin in their locality is not cleaned.

    2. The Municipal workers can use another app where they can send a list to their office about the houses or apartments who are not following the waste management rules.

    3. Nowadays, in Kolkata they are using a high tech machinery to process the garbage, which can be installed in all the cities and localities of India which can ease the process.

    4. The complaints should be automatically supported by some penalty or punishment like, the particular workers who are assigned to clean a particular area should face a cut in their salaries if they don't attend to their duties.

    5. Some fine system should be at place if a citizen litters around or don't follow the cleaning rules.

    6. And all these can be done through the help of some automatic attendance register and CCTV cameras.

    Please share your opinions and views on this.

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    Thanks for those inputs, Anwesha. Your ideas indeed are quite practical and useful if employed in a proper way.
    Kudos to Kolkata administration for the technological innovations.

    Several municipal administrations have been using the smartphone technology to fight the menace. I would love to see more and more district or state administrations following the technology based measures to combat garbage menace.

    Live....and Let Live!

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