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    Why my adsense CPC is drooping suddenly

    I had good CPC rates suddenly since one money CPC is very less, how do i get back to good CPC rates
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    There are a few reasons for the drop in CPC. Advertisers may step out from the bids. Another reason is the ad blocking softwares that are widely used by the surfers. The issue of ad blocking causing a drop in CPC is more pronounced in mobile users.
    If Google finds any junk traffic being sent to the site, even that may cause a drop in CPC. Viral and social media traffic is often considered to be junk most of the times. You may need to attempt to get more of organic traffic.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    There are many reasons why CPC is low. If you use the content which doesn't attract the users who don't click on ads then the pricing goes low. And your page or the account becomes more open to advertisers with lower bid.

    Another reason is Smart pricing. If the advertisers are not getting conversion from the clicks on your account. Then google keeps track of this. And then google uses smart pricing to protect the advertisers. once the account goes smart pricing, there is no way you can get higher price on your website.

    In order to get out of smart pricing, you have to literally change your websites in some cases. And some people also create account under new company to get rid of that smart pricing effect.

    Make sure not to use the PTC traffic for the adsense ads. Also when using adsense ads on website that has more social users coming to click, increase the SEO efforts to balance it.

    Remove the content that doesn't get much traffic. And also have quality content site and not the sites which are easy to make and has lot of copy pasted content.

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    There are so many reason for low CPC as there are so many parameters to judge and finalize it by the AdSense team finally. Other than the above explanation given by the experts, sometime, heavy traffic on a particular webpage for one or few days and its higher volume of ad click result to default CPC or minimum CPC as standard, that brings to low level CPC in common for whole pages traffic calculation, time being.

    Once it is over or when that particular webpage traffic is over or decreased than the recent mass one then again you will get back to normal traffic and average CPC from them, and their better calculation and variation changes sooner.


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