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    Review and suggest me how can i improve

    I have started this one year before and i am getting 1000 page views per day, i am using adsense current and not making anything of it, also i have few plans to add affiliate links also. can some one suggest me what i need to improve on this site
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    Your topic is extremely saturated. I'd be surprised to even see if you make 10 cents a day out of it. The reason being vodafone and other telecom companies quote extremely low amount on such websites. When I check their bidding price, the amount is as low s 0.02 or so on ad networks.

    Topic that just shows demanding content but where visitors don't click on ads doesn't make you any money. So displaying prices, plans, and telecom related content does not earn you much. The traffic that doesn't click on ads and earns you nothing is useless. So you have to take some strong decisions here.

    I suggest you to slowly change your website focus onto tutorials of android and iphone. Or even tutorials on sailfish or other mobile OS. The reason being this change would compliment your existing content. And after that slowly remove older content. This would result in traffic drop but better that way than not earning at all. You do get some clicks on ads if you focus on tutorials. And please make unique and original content, do not copy paste. If you feel like copy pasting, i'd better say don't post that content at all.

    Your website design is very good, just redo the ad placement after you change the content. I like the theme of the website too.

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    I just checked your website. You seem to have concentrated on providing information on tariff plans of different service providers. Such content is available all across the web. You need to have a strong and demanding niche to be able to get a good revenue.

    Rather than just providing information of tariff plans, convert your blog to something that deals with technology. I may not be able to present any suggestion here as it will solely be dependent on what topic you are comfortable with. But, to give a broader idea, it would be nice to have a "How To" niche. If you are fine with explaining things in a "How To" guide, it will get better traffic and income.

    Another good idea will be to have articles that deal with Top lists. Like the top five services that provide good internet speed and such. You may consider coming up with apps reviews. The reviews need not be technical in nature. You can try the new applications available and write on your experience with them.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Thank you so much for your suggestion mahesh and kamat, I totally agree with mahesh that my CPC is very less and this information is available across the internet. Basically i am from a rural area where i can live my life very happily even if can make $10 per day. I will definitely work on these suggestion of how to guides and posting deals.

    As a am also running few other blogs like coupon website , free ads site and wordpress guide can you also suggest me regrading these sites too. i am really happy to work on your suggestions

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