Excited about Go-3d Glass free smartphone

As a satisfied customer, I would give you a few reasons regarding why should you buy this product?

You can enjoy a holographic navigation through a holographic display
Are you a frequent customer of online shopping? You can visualize a product from various aspects and see more details before placing an order.

This glass free 3D smartphone will offer you a memorable gaming experience by adding a drop of life into the game.

This smartphone is completely different from a 2D display and thus, you can watch videos with the help of holographic technology.

Also try out the video calling feature of our glass free smartphone, wherein you will feel the person is next to you.

The 1.5GHz processor of our glass free 3D smartphone is built around Cortex A-53 core and thus it ensures in boosting up the speed of interactions between core processor and the RAM.
Our naked eye 3D smartphone or the Holographic Display Smartphone presents the images and videos with a greater level of clarity.

Notifications are more visible and accessible in the 3d Smartphones, presented by Tekno AVR.
One of the other major highlights of our naked eye 3D smartphone is the 13 MP rear camera and the 5MP front camera.

The rear touch technology of our glass free 3D smartphone will assist you with browsing the screen and controlling the media at the same time.

Tekno AVR is at its best to bring a revolution in the field of technology with the invention of the glass free 3D smartphone. Come and get a lively feel through your smartphone!

To know more, log on to www.teknoavr.com

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