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    Movie Maker 2012: series of articles

    Hello everybody

    I am new to Techulator. At present I am working on Movie Maker 2012: A product of Microsoft for Windows. I am developing notes on each aspect of the product for my reference.
    I want to share these notes online. Will Techulator allow me to publish the series of articles related to learning of the application?
    If yes then please tell me the Parent Category, Category of the article section in which I can submit the series of related articles.

    Thank you!
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    Let me bring it to the attention of the team. Till then I would request you to wait for more information on the topic.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    I see no reason why your articles on Movie Maker should not be allowed on TEC. Movie maker is one of the most commonly used free video editor on Windows and people extensively search for tutorials for the same. Please make sure your articles comply with Techulator's guidelines and do not have any copyright content. In case your articles need some editing/tweaking, our editors would revert back to you for the edits.

    "Software > Software reviews" should be the correct category for the said topic.

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    Thank you Amit sir.
    I will work on this topic in this summer and will make a good series of tutorials for it in my simple English language. All the articles will be including of screen shots for relevant commands and windows so that readers will get more friendly articles on this subject.

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    Hi Rohini,
    Welcome to our site. And it is great to see that you are going to come up with a good and useful topic. Just wanted to make you alert that you must go through the similar articles once to get the idea, how the articles are written here. Make sure that you follow each and every article posting guidelines meticulously, especially the html tags before you submit the articles. All the best.

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