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    I have a problem in answers

    I have read in a thread that we can include afgiliate links in our answers and we won't get any reward for such posts. But my answer at this page - is moved to pending status. Why?
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    You can use affiliate links in your posts, but for that you need to create a separate account for the purpose. If you use a single account for both as a regular member and an affiliate account one - such a practice is not allowed. Please clarify the same. You will be allotted cash credits for such posts, but will not get paid. I would advice you to use two accounts - one for affiliate and the other for regular contribution.
    However, make sure that you do not indulge in improper practices by using the multiple accounts for getting mileage.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Yes, I don't want cash from site. I want to use Affiliate links only.

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    Well, in that case the resonses can be approved. Let me bring it to the attention of the team and let you know.

    Till then, keep contributing.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Here is an update.
    Please note that your responses have too many affiliate links withina comparatively smaller response. We would appreciate it if you add one affiliate link per 1000 words. You can edit your response accordingly and resubmit.
    I would suggest you to come up with an article with affiliate links. But, make sure you have not added a huge number of them.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Hello Rec,
    After following the conversation here, what I felt like adding is:
    In Ask Expert section, we are trying to give a one stop solution to the questions without redirecting them to any other site. The idea is to provide the members with answers that itself carry all the required information.
    It is almost like an opinionated answer where we are not only giving them information about the product and where it is available, but also giving them our opinion which we have found the best. A mere link to an e-commerce website will only lead them to buy the product with some amount of product description and user's feedback of a particular product, but in our site we are trying to be neutral about all the products listed down.
    So apart from the policies, the affiliate links used in an expert answer would not serve the purpose of it.
    Hope this would clear your doubts.

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