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    Suggest me how to increase blog traffic ?

    I have a personal blog which is relevant to educational and career niche but the traffic rate is too low. Through this question I want, how to increase traffic rate? Is it possible to increase with three digits number of articles?
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    Post your articles in the Social Media Sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. Also join few groups which are relevant to your niche. Keep posting your stuff on a regular basis on these group pages. That way you would reach to many more readers other than your friend circle.
    Keep your blog live and vibrant with new and fresh content every while. That way it would be rich with information and more people would find interest in it.

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    The rules and style of blogging has changed over the years, but one thing that has remained unchanged is the need for quality content. "Content is King" is an old proverb, but holds its worth even today. Make it a point to produce good content that is relevant to your niche.
    Then another most important tactic would be to spread the word about the existence of your blog. Share your content on social media. As Anwesha said, joining the related groups and blogs will also help you get more traffic.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Traffic strategies are changing rapidly. So what worked in the past may not work again. One thing to note that most of the SEO tricks are now thing of the past and they don't work at all. You have to instead spend time learning things related to social media and similar other traffic source.

    My personal preference is to use social media traffic and bring them to email marketing funnel. Once they are in email list you can get to them on regular basis. Also you can use SEO strategies to some extent for some organic traffic. Spend some time guest posting but carefully and make sure the blog or site has enough readers for that.

    In short try the traffic sources in these order.

    1. Facebook
    2. Twitter
    3. SEO
    4 .Guest posting
    5. Email List

    Depending on your website and the conversion that you want for the website, I'd say you can try the above out of the order.

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    Thanks to sharing your valuable opinion and advice. I regularly share my posts on social media but I am poor in Email list , how to create an Email list.

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    Hey Phagu,

    There are various ways to increase your blog traffic.

    1 - Search Engine
    Make sure your site is optimized online and offline. Submit your site and sitemap to search engine so your site get crawled by search engines.

    Write seo-friendly content and promote it on social media. Use Alt tags on images.

    Make sure your site is not slow, Google and other search engine hate slow sites.

    Make sure your site is mobile friendly and responsive. If your site is not responsive you are loosing lots of traffic because mobile users are increasing day by day.

    Backlinking - (Off page SEO)

    Increase your backlinks to increase your domain and blog authority which helps to increase your trust score which improves your search engine visibility and Alexa.

    2 - Social Media Marketing

    Use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest according to your niche and use social media marketing and management tools like Buffer, Tweetdeck, Tweetcaster for social media automation, scheduling and analysis.

    There are many more ways to increase your blog traffic I just mentioned two. Happy blogging.

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