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    I want permission to contribute answers of Ask Experts

    Dear Editors / Webmaster
    I come back Techulator after a long interval and want to contribute on all section. But I am facing restriction on expert answer section due to my mistakes. Now I want permission to contribute answers on Ask experts. If possible then grant my request to remove restrictions from Expert answers
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    Phagu Mahato,

    I am glad to see your enthusiasm for contributing to this site. But, there are certain reasons for the restrictions that have been imposed on you. From what you have stated in your post above, it is clear that you understand your mistakes. I would advice you to keep contributing to the forum section where you have permission to post. Prove your worth by coming up with quality content. Once you do that, I am sure you can be considered for contributing to the sections concerned.

    For now, I would request you tom concentrate on the forum. But please refrain yourself from posting any content that may seem irrelevant.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Thanks Timmappa Kamat for positive response on my question . I will try to contribute relevant content

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    @Phagu Mahato
    This site welcomes each and every member who can come with relevant contribution in its different sections. So, if you have the permission to post in Forum, you can utilize it for knowing more about the site. You have not mentioned if you are given the permission to post questions in the AE section. If yes, you can go ahead with them for the time being and follow the way experts answer the questions. Meanwhile, give some time and effort to improve your English language skills which isn't that difficult. Once you see your posts getting approved in AE and Forum section without any correction, you can assume that it is time to get access to post answers as well. At that point of time, you can request the webmasters once more about this issue.
    Wish you all the best.

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