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    Delay in Resource/Article Section

    Hi everyone

    I have written an article on 28 Feb and it's not approved till now and it's almost close to a month and still the article is not yet reviewed. Few days back editor suggested one edit regarding HTML tags and I corrected it.

    I know how this techulator works and also regarding editorial team but a month for an article is a worry. Kindly take a look on this issue. I know for article approval it takes time but the long gap will affect the flow.

    Here is the link to the article -- >>
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    Sorry to know that.Please note that there are a few more articles apart from yours. I agree that this much of a long delay was not seen on Techulator before.
    I would wish to assure you and other members that the articles will be reviewed soon. I have brought this concern to the attention of the team.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Yes, this time the gap is too long. there is quite a number of articles waiting for approval including mine. It might be because of the toughest month of the year which is putting pressure on everyone.
    The only assurance to you is that, you aren't alone, so don't worry. Techulator pays to each and every post, but at times some delay can take place because of some emergency situations. Hope things would be sorted out soon.

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    Hi Pranay,
    Apologies for the delay. Last review had happened during the last weekend during which the review of your article was already late by a week. In last review your article was sent to pending and due to that by this weekend it is now too long time since your article is not approved.
    Honestly speaking we have a shortage of Article Editors at present. Due to my office schedule I am not able to work on TEC on weekdays and do most of the editing on weekends due to which if your article is not approved during 1 weekend you are going to see a long review period. We are trying to get more Article section editors but finding people with good English, basic SEO and copyrights knowledge and those who are ready to hang on for long is difficult.

    Such a delay might happen sometimes but is not consistent. Your article is approved now. There are a few changes I have made to replace some sentences which were not in proper English. Do take a look and try to make even less mistakes next time.

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    Thanks for the response from everyone. I thought it may be some technical issue where my article may not present in that editing section, so made the post. As this is the first time happening to me. Also as your issue with the shortage of article section editors, I think this should be sorted out, we can't hang on with less number of people, as techulator is not restricted and you can expect a lot of contribution increasing.

    This issue may be serious like member will write the article about mobile launched this week but the article approval is completed after 20-25 days then that content may lose its charm and also you can find hell lot of other posts. ( though our article may index but with the note that this article is not reviewed this may be a little concern from user engagement point of view)

    My suggestion for finding editors for article sections, you can use social media (FB ) this should be done by tony john sir and we can shortlist candidates and rope the final members as per our requirements

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