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    Contribute to IndiaTravelBlog

    Hi TEC Members,

    I am sure most of you guys will already know, which is a sister site of Techulator.

    Just wanted to share here that its an excellent site related to travelling. I know some TEC members who like travelling. This will be an ideal site for them to contribute their valuable resources and get high cash credits.

    They are offering awesome cash credits for all good quality posts especially in the forum section.

    I would like to request everyone to give it a try.

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    Good initiative from your end, Shravan. I have been a member of ITB since its beginning. But, sadly enough - I am not much active with the blog because of my busy schedule at work. Balancing the home - work - hobby has truly been much demanding.
    I would invite all our members to come up and join the site and share your travelling experiences.

    Let us make people understand what exactly is incredible about India!

    Live....and Let Live!

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    I have opened the account. However I have yet to contribute anything. I think there are not many ask experts questions there. Also not many forum threads as of now. I am guessing it needs to have some regular members like ISC.

    I have lot of things to write but the amount of time it takes to write content on travel blog is a bit more than tech articles. So I am just slogging with writers block. I'd get into writing once I get hold my block. The site looks interesting and worth contributing into.

    It's good to see you asking about contributing over there. Anyone new on ISC and Techulator who is more into travel blogging or such content then he should be there.

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    I have been active in ITB now for more than a couple of months. There are some Forum threads right now which need opinions from the members. I request Mahesh, Timmappa to give it a try. Once you are there, you yourself can come up with few good topics to discuss, if not contributing in the Articles immediately. And once you come back from a holiday, do share your experiences with the ITB members and share them in your social networking sites.

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    Mahesh, there is no separate AE section at ITB. Its merged with Forum section there. I would suggest you to start contributing to the forum section there, as Anwesha has also suggested. They are also giving pretty high cash credits as well in forum section!!!

    Do give it a try!

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    I'll definitely come up with a short article on my recent trip to Goa. Speaking of Goa, isn't that the very place our editor Timmappa lives?

    Timmappa, it'll be great to see an article on some "not so famous but beautiful" places in Goa. What do you say?

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    Thanks Amit for that suggestion.. I would definitely would like to give it a try. I haven't been able to contribute enough on ISC either. It has been just TEC only since quite long.

    However, I will think of coming up with info on newer places soon.
    And thanks Anwesha as well for for inviting me over ITB,

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Amit, awaiting to see your article about Goa trip at ITB. Do try to contribute to the forum section as well.

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    Guys, a new contest has been announced at IndiaTravelBlog. Requesting all of you to participate in it.


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    I recently know about opportunity of earning money by sharing travel experience on, It is really an interesting content I read many article on travel experience and enjoy.

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    That was a much desired announcement after a long time in ITB. I have visited the Forum Announcement and found members started participating in it. Hope this contest will bring more life to the site and I am eager to post my own contest entry as soon as possible.

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    It seems the thread itself is the place where we are supposed to post the articles for that contest. So it is kind of hard to write now considering we have to be creative with our writing.

    Also one more thing is that there is no mention if we have to write about one destination or multiple destination. I am going to give this contest a try. I'll learn how to write travel blog posts this way I guess.

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    You can write about a single destination or multiple ones, but would it not be fair enough if we discuss it in the concerned blog itself?
    Having said that, I too am checking out the possibility if coming up with an entry there. But, writing on a travel blog is entirely different from that on a technology blog. Creativity id the key there, while the information is the buzzword here.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    I think Shravan said we can do both. that is, we can post our article directly in the thread and even post a link of our article as a response in the thread. And for me that's a more comfortable way. So please come and share your experiences without any hesitation. Keep up the spirit and let's enjoy the process together.

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    No- Anwesha. You need to post your entries only as a response to the thread. I checked the concerned thread and it clearly mentions the guideline.

    To quote it,
    '2. You need to post your entry as a response to this thread ONLY. Please don't create a separate


    I hope this clears the doubts.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    No Timmappa, because I had the same doubt, I raised this question in the thread and Shravan replied to it with these following sentences. Here goes our conversation:

    Author: Anwesha23 Mar 2016 Member Level: Gold Points : 2
    Members are posting their articles directly to this thread as a response. Was that meant in the instructions? As in TEC, we create a link to our contest articles and post that in the Contest Announcement thread, I was wondering whether that is the same rule here. Please clarify.

    Author: SK23 Mar 2016 Member Level: Bronze Points : 1
    @ Mahesh @ Anwesha,
    Actually its optional. Participants can write their entry directly as a response to this thread or write an article in the resource section on the same subject and mention the link here as an entry to the contest.

    I hope it clarifies your doubt.

    The rule says not to create another thread, but never said anything against posting a link to the article in the same thread. So now we all can comfortably post in the resources section and then just link it up in the announcement thread.

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