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    Solar Chargers worth spending money?

    I was checking the powerbanks while I came across the solar chargers. However I am unsure if they are worth using. I mean in case of solar chargers they need to be around very clear source for light to charge up. It'd be good for the train or bus journey. But I can't think of using them for the regular usage. Also summer may not be the biggest most of the time. I wonder how the solar charger fairs in case of low light months such as rainy season and winter.

    There are some youtube videos in favor but still not convinced if they are still viable in terms of investment. I think it'd take time for those chargers to improve and be usable to reach regular level of use.

    Have you used solar chargers for say mobile or powerbank? Are they worth buying?
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    Solar chargers are not a good idea as of now, I would say. That is because the technology is not much developed as far as those are concerned. It could be a good idea to launch a dual power charger - using both conventional power and solar power.
    We have already seen how the solar power works on some watches and calculators. Until the time the technology is improved, it would be advisable not to go for solar chargers.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    I thought the same. I think we are yet to reach the technology where we can get the maximum out of solar rays. Until that day the chargers wont' be enough. I guess most of the changes in this industry are in slow pace. If this industry gets enough funding then perhaps there is a chance of better energy over a period of time. I am skipping the purchase for now. I am also suggesting others to get powerbank instead of such chargers.

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    There have been attempts in the past to bring up the solar chargers. Samsung had come up with such an initiative for Sprint and Sagem did attempt it as well. But, the results have not been that much impressive.

    As the current technology stands, you need to be outdoor for at least 30 minutes under the sun to help get your charger gain enough juice to liven up a dead battery. And that too by positioning the charger at the "correct" positioning. That would not be an easy task as you would definitely invite strange looks from the passers by.

    so, until a better technology comes up that can address these issues, it is better to say no to solar chargers. Till that time, they will just remain a fad and nothing more than that.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    I yet to use a solar charger to charge my smartphone or power bank but, I think solar charger is a very good initiative towards cutting down our carbon footprints. As suggested by Timmappa ji, there are lot of things need to be improved in solar charger to make it as a dual power supplier.
    Most of the places in our country gets sunlight almost throughout the year. Only 20% of the days are covered by rainy seasons. Solar charger will be cost effective and will be a good investment. It will also help users during outing and trekking to recharge their smartphones.

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