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    How to unblock facebook

    When facebook or youtube are blocked then how can we unblock them and enjoying a lot
    again by unblocking sites such as facebook,youtube etc
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    Blocking in what level are you referring to? Are you talking about unblocking Facebook when it is blocked in your company by your network administrator? Or, blocked in ISP level?

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    If your ISP has blocked youtube and facebook from accessing then you have to use VPN services to access the content. There are also proxy sites such as "anonymouse" to allow you access them.

    In case of the ban from the facebook and youtube the ideal scenario let's you not to join their site again. But you can always create a new profile and join them back.

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    What exactly is your issuewissue with the banned Facebook or YouTube account? It would be easier for us to come up with proper response only if your question is quite legible and understandable. Please provide some additional details to make it more easy for us to grasp your issues.
    If your office/ school/college has banned the use of these sites, then you can opt for Proxy servers, or VPN services to access the same. If you are banned by the concerned sites itself, communicate with them on the exact reason for the ban. As a matter of fact, such bans are generally not considered for revoke except in the case certain special cases. You may need to create a new account.

    Live....and Let Live!

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