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    Can the CC be the double of the Points achieved in an article?

    Just while browsing our site I came across this article, where the points achieved by the author is 50 but the CC given to it is Rs. 100.
    I have never come across such a case in my experience of Techulator so far. So it isn't a complaint of any kind, (though I had to categorize this post in this category because of the absence of other suitable categories).
    Is it possible that it has been allotted by mistake or is it one of some rules that I might not be aware of? I just request the webmasters and editor to throw some light on it.

    Here is the link:
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    The article is from 2012.The swt of rules governing the site were conpletely different back then. I have observed that the forum contibutions were given cash credits for almost every post.
    As of the rules and policies standing as of now, points and cc are equal in almost all sections of the site - except in thr forum section.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Oh! Thanks Timmappa, I had the intuition of something like this which I've expressed in the post itself.

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    As a site which share it's revenue to the members, the rules will change periodically to sustain the site for long run. I too see many old posts and threads with good amount of cash credits. We should feel happy for the author who got good amount of cash credits to his account.

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    It was not about the amount of Cash credit which I was talking about. It was about the points and cash credit ratio, which is now going equal in articles and AE sections but was different earlier as Timmappa explained.

    I request the Webmasters to close this thread as the issue is resolved.

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