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    IRNSS - Our own navigation system

    After the success of India's mars mission, ISRO again making headlines by launching it's sixth navigation satellite from Satish Dhawan Space Centre near Chennai. It took us one set up to have our own navigational system for India. The seventh and last navigational satellite scheduled to launch by next month. India will become the 5th country to have it's own navigational system We no longer has to depends on the GPS - Global positioning system of USA.
    It is one of the greatest achievement for Indian space research organization. IRNSS going to be helpful in terrain and marine navigation, security, disaster management and help people to reach their place safely and correctly. It makes our country more secure than earlier.
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    Actually, thIs has been a great innovative step towards becoming self sufficient when it comes to day to day needs. Having our own navigation system is bound to help india stay clear of the possible discriminatory treatment at the hands of foreign positioning systems in some hostile situations.
    ISRO has been pushing to achieve the deadline since long. There have been a few obstacles in the past. Hopefully, everything is cleared now and we are on the way to become completely self reliant when it comes to the need for a localised navigation system.
    In fact, the operator of a foreign navigation system can degrade service quality over a particular area it deems fit. This assumes a more dangerous level at war times. Having a indigenous system will definitely go a long way in avoiding such situations.

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    Yes Timmappa ji, It is a great innovative step by ISRO. Other navigation systems are using nearly 20 satellites for their respective navigation system but ISRO planned to cover everything within 7 satellites. It helps them a lot in cutting cost. As you mentioned in your article, commercialization IRNSS will be a tough challenge for ISRO.

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    ISRO has been in talks with the smartphone manufacturers and other allied developers to associate themselves with the IRNSS. Hopefully, the device developers will take steps to align with this indigenously made platform.
    I just hope to see them not succumbing to the pressure from GPS lobby.

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    This looks like a good progress from ISRO. I am glad the ISRO and the Indian govt did the navigation on our own terms. We were using the external navigation as of now. And this research would even help us get our own way into the world of technology. There is not much paid market for GPS industry so I think they have a bit more freedom here though. I am only guessing they make some public and enterprise API for allowing indian app developers to access the data. If this GPS data for weather becomes available then even the apps and website showing this to farmers would help too.

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