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    What should we fill in comment box of shopclues in the return request form

    I want to return a product in shopclues so i don't know what should i fill in comment box give me answer with example
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    You should fill the form with the reason for returning the product like why you want to return the product and what are the problems you faced in the product. People use to return product for various reasons like Product different from the one displayed in Picture, Defective product, product seal broken, product not fit for user. Giving a clear explanation helps them to process the return request quicker and easier.

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    Well, to rerurn a product to shopclues, or any other e commerce site, you need to follow cetain steps. Merely commenting on the site or sending them a mail will not work. The policies for returning products have some prerequisites you need to follow. As in the case of ShopClues return policies you need to follow the below mentioned tips.

    1. Login to your account on ShopClues.

    2. Navigate to Order History -> Return product.

    3. Fill in the details as required.

    4. ShopClues will arrange a pickup if it is satisfied with the request.

    Please note that any item purchased from ShopClues has only 10 days of return threshold. Which means you can return a product and get refund/replacement only within ten days of receiving the item.

    For more details check this article.

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    Most of the e-commerce sites expect you to explain the following .

    1. Reason for return
    2. Purchase date
    3. Order number and unique product number on receipt.
    4. And if attachment available the product receipt.

    This should be more than enough for them to track your order and the replacement. Depending on what's your case is things could be different for returns and replacement. Also issues like payment gateway return in case if there is no replacement would come into picture. In such case you may be asked to add more information in the form.

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    Every site has its own guideline regarding the return and replacement. ShopClues policies have been clearly explained in the article link provided in my response.
    Each of the sites expect you to log your refund/replacement requests through a proper channel.

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    Nowadays every E-commerce site is following their own return policy which in turn improves their reputation and services. If any case any problems anyone can apply it on consumer complaints I've also purchased and returned one product from But
    they have return policy based on price and occassions.

    Rbove 300 INR, they are returned by 7 days refunded too.

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    Surya, you have been asked not to pull old threads time and again. Please adhere to the guidelines of the website henceforth. Kindly note that this thread is more than a month old.
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