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    How to delete or edit those answer which is not correct

    I want to know how to delete or edit my answer from the
    And again I post my answer and ask questions without restrictions
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    Once posted you cannot delete any content from the site. You can request the editors to help you out if you have any issues. You can either contact them via this forum or through messaging via profile.
    Also it will be more helpful if you provide the links for your queries.
    As.for the second part of your query, we could not understand anything. Please let us know what exactly you want to share with us. Kindly use proper grammar so that we can have a clear understanding of the issues being faced by you.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    You can go that answer, there will be an "edit" button, if you are logged in. If you are not logged in, you have to, in order to edit it. There you can make whatever changes you want and submit again.
    The answer cannot be deleted, as Timmappa said, but can be edited and re-submitted. If you were already allotted some points or CC, that would be cancelled and it would go to the "new submission" status and would be reviewed again.
    For further queries, you can continue in this thread itself, but it would be better if you elaborate on the issue in the Post Description following the same "editing" method which I suggested above.

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    Thank for the answer!
    i was saying that there is restrictions imposed to ask question and post answer then, how to resolve this issues?

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    No, there isn't any restriction as such. In the same process those can be edited, only the evaluation will be done freshly. But one can edit only his/her own posts, not others.

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    Are you restricted from answering questions or posting questions right now? If yes, that can be because you have more than five of your responses in pending or deleted status in the last five days. The system imposes an automatic restriction until the responses in the section are cleared. You will be under restrictions for a period of five days thereafter the restrictions will go off.
    If, however, you have been restricted for any of your actions that violate the site policies by the editors or webmasters, you will need to work to prove yourselves in the other sections. Only your good performance can let you gain the permission to post in the concerned section.

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    Most of the posts you made yesterday seems to have caused that restriction. Something like flood control for anti spam.When you post stuff which is basically not making sense or for spamming purpose then such restriction maybe invoked by site owners. You asked multiple questions in forum thread yesterday if I remember correctly. So this could be one reason that restriction was enabled. Not sure maybe Tony sir can answer that part.

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    No restriction has been imposed on the member in any section as of now. Yes, a few forum posts have been removed because they were deemed to be unfit for any consideration. I would request the member to note that posting some vague information in the forum does not make any sense. It has been brought to the attention of the member several times in the past. If you want to share your knowledge, it would be advisable to post it as an article rather than posting tidbits here in the forum.
    Live....and Let Live!

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