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    Facebook introduces new Reactions - what's your take on it?

    As most of you may be aware, Facebook introduces new Reactions. Apart from the old "like" button, you can now react to a Facebook post, or status in five more new ways. The new Reactions added include Love, Sad, Angry, Haha ( a funny laugh) and an open mouthed Wow.
    I would treat it as a welcome gesture as it was quite annoying for having to "like" a bad news. Now you can get angry or sad at some unwelcome news.
    Have any of you used this new feature? What do you think about the new Reactions?
    I would welcome fellow techians to share theit views in this thread.
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    We were having discussion at the workplace where our data science team said that move is to collect some data. Facebook is getting into understanding human emotions. So based on those reactions they are going to change the ads around. For example, there is some social issue where people are posting anger. In such case instead of running bath soap commercial on their pages at that moment, they want to run some political ad or campaign for which they got paid. And when the next reaction is used then in such case ads will again change. So this way they have moved beyond like and now they have better data to understand people. I think this is very creepy considering soon they can manipulate teens and people who easily fall for stuff online.

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    Well, they have clearly stated that they will collect data and use the data to serve relevant ads. I assume we are now in for a more " personalised" presentation. Let us see what develops.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Change is important part of life and I welcome this move from Facebook. Absolutely I too was bored to see only like button. Instead I felt like they should provide dislike button as well because sometimes we want to show the person that I don't like, the particular post shared. But now, not same but similar tactics has been used.

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    Dislike button was what was demanded by the Facebook users ever sjnce it has come into existence. Mark Zuckerberg has categorically stated that the dislike feature relays too much negativity and hence he would not support its addition.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    It is cool feature. You can express your feelings on posts in many ways. You don't have to post emojis in comment box. just hold the like button and select your choice of expressions.

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    Facebook has this plan for long period of time. There are some demand by the users to have a dislike button to react different for a post similar to the one which is available in YouTube but Facebook is not happy with the dislike button as it will reduce the interest of the users to post in their wall.
    The new way of reactions really looks cool. We have 5 different ways to react to a post. I yet to use this feature as it is working only in facebook app. They have introduce this feature in web as well as most of the people accessing facebook through browsers.

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    The feature is available on web version as well. In fact, the new reactions were introduced on the web version first. For the mobile apps, it is being rolled out gradually.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Even I liked the feature and have used it. I wish some more reactions like "support" and "protest" type of reactions get added to it. Sometimes there are some serious kind of posts, so the existing ones do not suit them. Even a "thumbs up" doesn't really suit a serious post at times, if it is not a positive news. That will definitely change the atmosphere a bit, but as Facebook is one of the most powerful public power tools, these can really make changes in the society.

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    I second your point, Anwesha. Support or Protest could well be a powerful tool to let your views across. Hopefully, we will see more reactions being added to the kitty in due course.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    I find it to be a nice addition. It helps to express ourselves better. Sometimes, you come across a post that makes you feel a certain emotion and just liking the post doesn't help to convey how you feel about it.

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