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    Which is the good set top box service?

    I am using Tata Sky service as of now. It costs me around 450+ for the channels that I am subscribing to and the prices are rising. The thing is that it has lot of channels that I don't want. Also the channels I want are clubbed with some packages which takes budget above 750. So I am thinking about moving to other set top box service. As I live in rented premise, I can't subscribe to local cable service due to deposit and connection removal issues.

    I mostly watch hollywood movies, discovery science and food channels (and sometimes CNBC and sports).

    So I have some options in front of me -

    1. Videocon Dish
    2. DishTV
    3. Reliance Dish

    There could be more but I have checked the prices of these and just confused about their customer service and the channel packages.

    What's your experience with the set top box service? Which would you suggest?
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    Channel packages of almost all DTH services remain same. You will not find much of a difference among them. Tata Sky has been a premiere service and as such is quite expensive.
    I have Videocon D2H and am quite happy with it. As for customer service, all of them are almost equivalent. There isn't much difference among them.

    Out of the three options you have mentioned. I would advice you to opt for either Videocon or Dishtv. Reliance is not a good option as they have been quite slow in adding new channels.

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    Most of the people around said I should keep Tata sky because the quality of the signal is much better compared to other services. My only concern is this I am not sure if they allow me selectively choose which channels to buy and skip. If they allow such package changes, Id stick to their service. I think videocon has cheapest package called flexi and gold. Apart from that there was not much of difference I noticed. I didn't checked HD signal quality so can't comment on that. DishTV seems to be overpriced for non HD channels and HD receptor is way better with tata sky in such case. So it's kind of difficult for me to choose now. I am going to make a list of channels and ask each service center how much it would cost if I select this way. Hopefully that could get me closer to the solution.

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    Selecting a single channel is called a la carte package. In fact, though it was planned as a reprise for the subscribers, making your own pack that way costs you much more than what costs you when you opt for default packs. All DTH services allow such packages. You can make a list first, then visit package page of each operator and find out the price of each of your selected channel. That way, you can make a comparative list. But, believe me - that would make your pack too costly.
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    You're right on that front. I noticed that the amount of channels it would cost to buy specific channels would get me two Tata sky monthly subscriptions for the medium level packages. So I am thinking whether to keep the current connection as is or get the new one. I found that reliance is also a bit limited in terms of channels being offered and they require some channels to be taken in pack. So I guess in such case Tata Sky is still the good choice. I just have to drop back on some channels in package and then the current won't be a bad choice.

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    You can not get any channels removed from your pack. Whether you are interested in certain channels - like the regional ones will stay in your pack even when you do not understand the language.
    I have been a DTH subscriber since 2006 (first dishtv till 2010 and thereafter Videocon D2h) and have a good experience of how they operate.

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    I am going to check out the Videocon D2H today to see how their reception goes on HD LED TV. Currently I am on SportsMix plan of TataSky. I may switch to Metro plan of Tatasky or switch to Videocon if the plans are good. And you're right on regional channel front. There is simply no choice not to accept or deny them. They are forced on us by almost every DTH service. I wish we could have a choice on that atleast region wise. Channel surfing becomes so tough because of these channels in between the channel that you want.

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    You can create favourite lists on almost all DTH services. That way you will not need to remember the channel numbers. And the regional channels nirmally are grouped after the national channeks.
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    I personally using Airtel Dish TV. This is because , Airtel Dish TV has best package according to my budget as well as it has separate package for sports, News , Movies and Television Serials .

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