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    WhatsApp to cease support to BlackBerry - what does it mean to you?

    WhatsApp - the almost universal instant messenger made an announcement a couple of days ago. It will not be supporting BlackBerry devices anymore. Does it sound a bell for any of you?
    The world's largest chat client has stated that it will stop supporting BlackBerry, Nokia's Symbian S40 and S60 and even WindowsPhones from the the end of 2016. The support for Windows Phone 7.1 is endling while it will stay for the new versions.
    Is it an indication of the death of BlackBerry? What would you guys think about this change? I would welcome the members to come up with their own ideas about this announcement and state you views on the development.
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    It is one of the critical decision made by WhatsApp and they too agree the same during the announcement. WhatsApp planned to concentrate on future platforms so that it could provide better service to it's user.
    I don't think so it will create a big impact. Only very few people are using the phones mentioned in the list. The plan may be to make people to buy new phones in future. There are also other messaging applications like hike or viber available in market so WhatsApp decision won't make big impact.

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    BlackBerry is already searching for an alternative for the client. They have BBM at their disposal. But, since it is not as popular as WhatsApp. Let us see how the messengers like hike and viber react.
    Live....and Let Live!

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