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    Regarding the New Look of Techulator

    Its good to see Techulator changing for better. The new get-up is smart and appealing. But there are a few things which are missing out in it.

    Firstly, we don't get to see all the sectors at a glance, and we have to scroll down the entire page to see them.

    Secondly, in the All Articles page the names of the super stars are not appearing anywhere. Same with the Forum's discussion page.

    Then, the articles index isn't showing the dates and the names of the authors which used to be there earlier.

    This isn't a complaint in any sense, but just a feedback that, the new interface of Techulator is cutting down on its transparency, of which we all were so proud of.
    Is it possible that the new interface includes these features, to which we have been so much used to?
    Friends please share your views.
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    Well, it is not an entirely new look. Glimpses of it have been visible from time to time. I normally found it in certain sections we normally not browse to.
    Coming back to the issues pointed by Anwesha, I guess it has been done in line with the trend in other competing sites of almost similar nature. Yes, super contributors are not showing up except in Ask Experts section ( I presume even that section is about to embrace the change soon). I just hope to see a way to be able to find it. It would be wiser if it can be made visible only to the members of the site rather than the visitors.

    The new look is refreshing though. However, there is a grouse that it cannot be viewed that comfortably on smartphone browsers.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    I first found this look on IndiaStudychannel. I guess it was started like 6 months back or so on some static pages.

    I found the overall look a bit hard to read on readability side. Fonts are extremely small. The reading space is also small. The top floating navbar seems to be a distraction for readers. It should remain fixed instead of floating because people don't click on ads if they see too much animation on page.

    Yes, the top contributors in each section are not visible. I guess some new change on that front coming up perhaps? So this could be a start of that.

    I checked on mobile and the pages are more responsive towards small screen. Though there is a lot of things to be fixed on that side it seems. I mean if the fonts and the responsive look is improved, site will be able to earn more with adsense. Otherwise one has to zoom in and out to read content and scroll.

    If I have to change anything about this look - I'd change the fonts and make it bigger and more readable design.

    Just my 2 cents worth of feedback.

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    Readability has indeed suffered a setback. That's more on a smartphone of normal size. The floating headings ( or the navigation bar) creates havocwith the proper readability especially on the landscape mode.
    The super contributors names are visible in Ask Experts section as of now. Maybe they too will undergo a change in near future. I hope to see the possibility of checking for the top contributors section wise at least for members.
    Fonts are Reay a a pain. Hope to see them changed.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Thanks for sharing the feedback. Please give all your suggestions and we will get them all fixed/tuned one by one.

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    As I can see in my own post above, the words and the spellings have gone haywire. While typing on smartphone in landscape mode, I couldn't see what's being typed and rely completely on the auto correct feature. And the so called " auto correct" feature makes some silly mistakes. Even if the fonts can't be changed, I would suggest to do away with the floating navigation bar ( Is it what it is called?)
    Live....and Let Live!

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    I am accessing the site most of the times through my smartphone. I am not sure about the desktop but in mobile phone it is a very big change. Almost everything got changed in the site.
    Without any doubts, the site looks pretty good compared to the previous version. It still have few problems.
    1. Navigation bar is not accessible so I am unable to navigate to any other sections from one section. I am manually typing the links of each section to access the respective section.
    2. Number of responses are not displayed near to a thread.
    3. As Mahesh mentioned, points are smaller compare to the previous version.
    4. Dashboard and profile pages are not accessible.

    I hope Tony sir take the above things in consideration while making the changes.

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    Thanks Friends for sharing your views. Apart from the above said issues, there are few more things to be addressed:

    Previously, there was a sign out option beside our name on the top right.
    Now one has to click the name, scroll down the entire drop down list and then sign out.
    As it is necessary to sign out to check our points and calculate our earnings, going through this process is a little bit time consuming.

    Coming to the Super Star issue in the articles and other sections, I think it was a motivating factor to all. I agree to Timmappa's idea too, that at least it should be visible to the members.

    Regarding fonts, the headings of each sector is too big, while the actual content is too small.

    The first landing page is a bit monotonous, as we have to scroll down the entire page to view all the sections.

    But the color combination is nice and soothing.

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    As.As for the query by Karthikeyan about the dashboard and profile not being accessible, I guess you are trying to access the site on Opera Mini.
    I would advice you to access the site via Chrome or UC BROWSER. You can easily access the dashboard.

    Live....and Let Live!

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