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    Have you ever faced an issue with an online transaction?

    Online transactions have become the buzzword of late. Be it for recharges ( of your prepaid phone account or DTH) or for dinner orders, Indians have woken up to the cashless transactions. It, in fact, is slated to be the future for all your financial needs.
    Now, what about the customer service? You are bound to face one or the other issue at some point of time. In such cases, has the resolution been quick and prompt? We're you able to get a professional level of customer care service? Did you have to face any unwanted tense moments?
    Come on, techians - share your views on the level of professionalism and promptness of your grievance redressals. Share both good and bad experiences you had to go through.
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    I faced plenty of such issues as most of my work involves online these days.

    Before Amazon India entering indian market, i used to pay for kindle books on Amazon US. The website over there used to have a system where they used to convert indian currency into USD. And for this I used Kotak's netcard feature. Whenever I used to go through process of payment. 3 out of 5 times the system used to deny the transaction. And at the same time it used to deduct the money as well. I had to manually notify Kotak bank for such bounce in transaction. These days same stuff happens but Kotak automatically returns your money after 30 days if the transaction is failed. So they are improved now.

    Vodafone Payment page online has this Netbanking option where the payment gateway sends you OTP. And the interesting part is that for last three months I am not able to get the OTP even after 3 attempts. So my transaction doesn't get ahead. I tried three different banks and same result.

    SBI and IDBI also have this issue of OTP for even minor online transaction. They send OTP to phone for around an hour or so. I first though it was because of network issues. But slowly realized that it could also be because of their servers not able to handle this over weekend.

    I think lot of these problems can be avoided if they choose the right technology for right thing. For example, in IT industry there is still myth going on for making everything using Java. Java is one of the slowest performance for server side communication. These days people using Python, Ruby and NodeJS are making quicker client side apps and that too with minimal errors. In India, it's hard to change that mindset of small business and banks. Unless they adapt to some new tech quickly, we are likely to get issues. Also they can save lot of time by migrating away from Java and .NET for that matter. But it's all red tape stuff and hype.

    However only good thing is that the way banks handle our transaction issues. Compared to bank employees in 90s, today there is very comfortable environment and we can get things resolved.

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    I have had issues while paying for my transactions using my credit or debit cards for online transactions. The issue was mainly with the OTP which were not received in time. But that would not deduct money from your account, so you can try again.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    There was no OTP system earlier for Netcard so the money deducted was not notified either. But if we check from netbanking dashboard it used to show us that option. These days every transaction and verification from Kotak and others have now moved to OTP. So we don't lose money in the process. But the issues with OTP not reaching the phone is increasing. I guess phone operators have to assign specific code for OTP messages so they don't get bounced. Apart from OTP there are not many bad transactions out there.

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    I faced issues in online transactions many times before from IRCTC website to mobile recharge sites. I got proper refund of my money in all such circumstances. The money is correctly refunded to my account.
    In some cases, it will take sometime for the amount to get refund to my account. Such sites can take actions to make the refund easier one.

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