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    Do you support digital India initiative?

    Digital India initiative is one of major plan focused by central government led by Narendra Modi. There are various items get planned by digital India scheme. Government planning to digitalize all the government related sectors. There are also special schemes got introduced by government as part of digital India plan. Government provide benefits to young entrepreneur as part of this plan. There are crore of rupees spent on digital India scheme.
    But, there are certain group of people who are against digital India initiative. They want to focus on other major items which are concern to common people. Even debates are conducted in television channels related to the issue.
    Dear members, what is your opinion about digital India? I fully believe it is a good plan to develop Indian economy. Please pitch in your thoughts.
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    I think digital India has lot of potential. And to be honest it has changed a lot of India already. People are buying low cost smartphones. These days we can open bank account with netbanking facility easily. Also the banks are forced to open zero balance account for normal people including netbanking credentials.

    Another interesting thing that happened is that people these days can easily open business and close it. Earlier there were lot of documentation and signs to be taken to even pass the things around. Now everything can be done within 14 days or earlier. You can find that there is also tax benefit for the startups too. These small things are helping a lot for many businessmen/women.

    There is a lot of things to be done. Also mindset of people has been changed. People now pay for the hard-work, earlier they used to not pay for the stuff and avoid. Now the changes in economy has made changes in the way people are optimistic about services and business.

    There are things like taxation and service sector improvements yet to be done. I think slowly this initiative will change India from service sector country to makers. So I welcome this initiative.

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    Digital India has been instrumental in changing the face of India worldwide. The campaign will definitely go a long way in empowering the people. The programme envisages the government services at your finger tips and on demand.

    The National Fibre Optics network as part of the Digital India initiative, will make India a globally connected village. It will go a long way in increasing the internet penetration which currently stands at 20%.

    Education will get a boost because of the IT penetration wherein educational institutes can develop better curriculum and indulge in all round development of the students.
    Considering the long term benefits, I would definitely support the initiative.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    There will be chaos always for every initiative and step in. This is one of them. Whoever in Government, I personally suggest to bring such initiative in India for current and future development in a different sector beside effective communication toward rural place and its development.

    This system will also helpful for Agriculture and other various rural programs. And, there would be effective communication between Government (or eGovernance) to common people or vice-versa for their aim, program, responses and its result.


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    The good thing is most of the educated people understood the advantages of digital India initiative but there is more negative advertisement about this initiative by opposition parties and backward groups. Hope the scheme will make a big change in our country.

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