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    Let us learn Tips 7 Tricks of Redmi 1S Mobile Ticks

    1. Private Messaging

    Hey Guys here today I am going to show you the tricks of Redmi1S mobile with latest MIUI
    In your Redmi mobile there is an option of private m which is hidden from commen user. When you open the msg you will see common msg.
    if you are using latest MIUI then you can store your private MSG's just by swipping your msg screen two or three time continuesly this will open private msg box. Here you cna add the number which you want to hide and make them private.
    Just drag down the msg screen and a private msg screen will open Add private messaging contacts here.
    When you receive msg's form these user which you added in contact no private msg's then tese all msg's will come in private msg window which is hidden from other user.
    when you want to see these private msg's then you can just drag down the mobile screen and enter your password which you give at the time of setting the password.

    So no more worry about your friends that they read your msgs and chats.
    2. Connectivity with Mouse :-
    I was just shocked after seeing this feature in my mobile really It cool feature If you want to connect your with Mouse. Yes! you can connect your redmi with mouse and use it easily.
    3. How can i connect redmi with mouse?
    To connect with mouse we just need 2 Items which are an OTG cable and mouse.
    we can connect with mouse via OTG cable.
    3 Hide Photo Album :-
    This feature comes preloaded within redmi. We can hide any album in gallery. To hide Album open gallery Tap local images after that long Tap on the album which you want to hide and select Hidden Album. You are done.
    How to Unhide Album in Redmi 1s ?
    To Unide Album Follow some steps which are given below :-
    Open gallery >tap to Local images >Click on Menu>Now select Show Hidden Albums.Now you are done.
    Will updates new more ticks soon!
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