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    Will you give importance to SAR value while choosing mobile phone?

    SAR value (Specific absorption ratio) is the ratio of energy emitted by mobile phones which are hazardous to human brain. It varies depends upon the surface. For example, The SAR value will be higher near to our ears than other parts of the body. Many countries including India have standard value for SAR. You can see the SAR value of any mobile phone in the specification listed for the mobile phone. SAR value is displayed usually at the bottom of the page in online sites.
    Many people are not even aware about the SAR value. They mostly focus on other features of the phone. How much importance you will give to SAR value while choosing a phone? Do our people don't have much awareness about SAR value?
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    You have indeed sparked a good topic for discussion. SAR is actually an important factor to be considered while choosing a mobile device. But, sad part of It is almost none of us pays any attention to It. Maybe we will go blah blah on technology forums or such discussions about how drastic the effects of a high SAR value, but while choosing a phone for ourselves, we seldom pay any heed to It.
    I, for one have had a total of seven phones In the past 11 years, but I must admit I never checked the SAR value even once! Does it not speak of the lack of awareness among us about the importance of it? Leave alone the laymen, we - the so called technology enthusiasts and experts too do not go onto those details.
    Hopefully, this discussion sparks off some sort of awarenes.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Yes Timmappa ji, I completely agree with your response. None of us use the give importance to SAR value when comes to purchasing a new phone. We always look into other features of the smartphone and give less preference to things which will affect our health.

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    I think there are tests being conducted on how some of the energy dissipated from mobile phone affect human body. So the SAR value definitely plays a big role in quality control. That's not all often the manufacturing units are prepared in such way that they blindly put the SAR label but don't give you real number for each unit.

    I think we Indians ignore the health and safety issues a lot. That shows because it took more than a decade to ban a product that had a lot of MSG quantity.

    So knowing how the quality check is likely to be done. It's hard to know if the SAQ quality check is properly managed and controlled. I am not sure if the SAR value given in the units sold in india are properly cross checked.

    I personally pay attention to the SAR value and avoided Redmi 1 Hongmi model which was sold on Alibaba. Later models of Xiaomi were properly adjusted. I also think the phones which are sold at low cost needs to be carefully purchased.

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    Well, going for the kind of online stores like EBay or Alibaba is not a good idea. They are not the ones who cannot be trusted.
    About the SAR values on the smartphone labels being authentic, I must say we should be optimistic about the tests being realistic.

    Live....and Let Live!

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