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    Internet usage security

    Hello Team,
    Is my line app video call is safe from tracking basically I used to call from another country I.e saudi arabia to INDIA. Is my video calling safe in line application while I am using wifi connection and my friend uses mobile data.
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    Unless app allows you to have encrypted line for the video data transfer there is no way you can have secure video chat.

    If you want to have secure video chat then I suggest you to subscribe to some VPN network. And once you use that VPN service you can get alternative IP and security for your video chat or any form of chat for that reason.

    If you want messaging security then you can use Telegram too. Telegram is secure for the messaging. You can have encrypted messages to send. Other than that if you want security for every communication you do, the best way is using Tor and also the VPN extensions.

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    There are tons of VPN atm and not all of them are working properly - troubles with stable connection, net speed and sometimes they even cannot hide your IP so you better chose before buying one.

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    Some of the apps may not be safe and secure while video chat is in trasmission so it is better to use the reputed ones which claim encryption and safety of data.

    Some of the good ones are -
    Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, WeChat, Line, Skype and Viber.

    Knowledge is power.

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    There are many VPN applications available online to hide your IP Address and browse anonymously if you use them then you can't be tracked down.

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