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    Have you ever come across any product which is not available in e-commercial site?

    Usage of E-Commercial sites becomes common nowadays. There are transactions worth of millions processed through E-Commercial sites in India. Such sites like Flipkart, Snapdeal and other sites contains almost everything that we need in our day to day life. Even people from rural areas started using E-commercial sites.
    Have you ever come across a situation in which the product is not available in e-commercial sites or have you ever come across a situation in which the product is not upto your expectations. Please share here if you have any such experiences. Lets discuss about the product.
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    Yes, we were looking for 20ltr Mineral Water bottles like Bisleri, which are generally available in few selected stores in the localities. But they are not available yet on these e-commerce site. Though small bottles are there, but this particular quantity are a regular need to many households and offices now for regular drinking purpose. It could be of great help if these were made available online.

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    Practically almost everything is made available on online stores. But, certain items have no delivery over some areas. It would be a better idea to have pan India delivery service.
    I have faced it on a site. I wanted a TV cabinet and found a best one. But it was not deliverable to my location.
    Coming to the basic question of non availability of a product, frankly I am yet to come across such an occurrence.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    There are plenty of product and their accessories not available online. Most of the products in construction, chemical and medical profession is not available online for obvious reasons. Many of such products could be used in illegal ways. So often those are sold in limited quantity offline and require face to face interaction.

    I have also found that there are many computer accessories are not available in many e-tail stories. Ebay some of the times keep such items but they get sold in short time due to bid nature etc.

    Many products will continue to have some sort of monitoring due to their nature of usage. And some products will be quickly sold and you may not easily find them. And then there are some products that don't have much profit margin so selling them online is not profitable for many stores.

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    I don't think people will buy water bottles in online. There are many number of shops available in every street corner which are selling water bottles. Many people are delivering water bottles directly to home in just one call.


    What kind of computer accessories you are looking for which is not available in online? Can you be specific?

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    Mostly ICs that are on the motherboard circuit or any other component. So it is more into electronics domain. And not all the retail shops or the sellers keep such specific items. You have to go local for this. And even then you can't get such ICs off the shelf, often even the local seller has to order from his sources.

    We can find out many such small things within the products that is not sold on the online shops. The thing is that retail shops are more for people who just want to buy most common things. Amazon US has tools and troubleshoot section like most malls in US. Indian version of amazon is yet to have that. I guess once they have that section we may get those products online too.

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    I think that's what your question was all about. Had those things been available, people would have bought. I took my own example.
    Then comes the fact that everything is available at stores everywhere, still online stores are shining. This proves that a timely delivery at your doorstep was what everybody was looking for. The online stores have somehow managed to ensure that which normal stores couldn't.

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    @Anwesha, I just shared my opinion about the sales of water bottles in online. I just doubt how many people will opt for buying water bottles in online.

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    If people can buy screen protectors and flip covers online which are available by dozens with roadside vendors ( let alone the retail shops selling them), why would they not go for water bottles - in case they are available? Most of the e-commerce sites provide same day delivery in major cities.

    However, your basic question was about items or products not available with e commerce sites. So, the points made by Anwesha and Mahesh hold value.

    Live....and Let Live!

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