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    Should I buy a HP 15 - AF002AU Notebook?

    I'm planning to buy a Laptop/notebook. I have zeroed on HP 15- AF002AU which is available on SnapDeal at Rs. 18599 and Flipkart at Rs. 19699. Flipkart has additional 5% off for payment via debit/credit card. Is it advisable to go with the device? Spec sheet says 4 GB RAM and 500 GB hard drive. Stated to have DVD writer. Shall I go for it? And more so, shall I go with SnapDeal or Flipkart?
    I've intentionally posted this in forum section instead of AE as I want a reply soon - hopefully by this evening so that I can place the order before Monday.
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    Timmappa, I would never recommend buying an AMD based laptop to my enemies, let alone my friends.

    I'm assuming you need this laptop for TEC and other blogging related work. For a non-CPU-intensive workload like that, I believe an Intel based CPU chip would be more efficient and a better fit on a laptop.

    One of the biggest reasons for my Intel biased conclusion is the heating issues one faces with AMD. I've used a few AMD based laptops in the past and they simply overheat! The fact that laptops are extremely mobile and are usually kept on your lap while working manifolds the effect of heat generated in and around your crotch area. This maybe a minor issue and may not affect your decision to buy this laptop, however, over a period of time, this minor issue becomes a nuisance and a reason to avoid working on the laptop.

    AMD chips no doubt give a better price to performance ratio on PC/laptops, but this personal experience of mine has made me avoid all their products as a personal choice. I'm sure with technology advancements, AMD must have worked on this aspect and must have improved the overheating problems their users face, but I suggest reading first hand reviews of this product before your make your buying decision.

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    I am in agreement with Amit here. I don't suggest AMD laptops to my friends. I'd say buy AMD if it's desktop package, otherwise pass on such models.

    Also why flipkart with such price? You can get the product at lower price from snapdeal and Amazon india. You can also get laptop and bag for price less than 19K for this model. I think you should look for anything besides flipkart. You know I have so many reasons not to buy from them.

    How about intel based CPU with spec similar to this model? Check out this : HP Notebook 15-ac118tu. It has DOS installed though but you can install Win 7 or Win 10 with your own disc. I am sure you'll find this laptop model interesting.

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    Thank you Amit and Mahesh for those useful updates. And Amit is right when he says the laptop is needed for TEC and other content writing tasks. Besides, I would wish it to be a complete package for everyday regular use. Maybe occasional gaming or videos for my son. A little of every daily needs.
    And the DVD Writer was one of the reasons I was opting for this laptop. Any other options in the same price range? Are there any other issues other than overheating ( well, that itself is indeed a major issue, I must agree)?
    And Mahesh, I checked it this afternoon on Amazon and found the price to be lower than what I was getting on Flipkart.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Timmappa, what's the maximum budget you are willing to spend on this laptop? Also, before buying, please check the kind of battery you get with it. To keep the prices low, manufacturers nowadays install a 2-cell battery with laptops that die after 60-90 minutes or so.

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    Well, my budget is Rs. 20K. Is there any good option in that price range with the features above?
    As of now, I won't be able to spend more than that.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Timmappa, so far I have not been able to find good, reliable laptops under 20k that should fit your requirement. However, if you could raise your budget till Rs.22600, you can get your hands on this laptop:

    Asus A555LA-XX1560D
    Core i3 (4th Gen) -
    (4 GB DDR3/1 TB HDD/Free DOS/DVD Writer)

    Also, if you happen to have an SBI credit card, you can additionally get a discount of Rs.1250 on the price above at this time.

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    Thank you Amit for that useful input. Let me check if I can extend my budget.
    @Mahesh, what are the differences between HP Notebook 15-ac118tu that you suggested and the HP 15 AF002AU? Apart from the processor issues as explained by Amit, are there any major advantages associated?

    Live....and Let Live!

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    The specs are pretty much the same for that model. The screen size is 15.6 Inches and FreeDOS on it. But it has Intel CPU and the price is still under 19K. So these two things made me suggest this model.

    Another model HP 15-AC169TU is also pretty much same with changes in size of HDD (1GB for this model). There is one model from Lenovo (G50-30 80G001VNIN) priced at 20K (on Amazon India) with specs similar to the earlier models mentioned.

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    Thanks all of you for those insightful suggestions. Will take a final call later this week.
    Live....and Let Live!

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