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    Do you think Apple products are worth for the money spent?

    I came across many Apple users who praised apple products a lot. They often claim other phones as cheaper one and not fit for use. Many of the people are so proud about using Apple products. Many of them are using Apple as symbol of economical status. In worldwide, apple products are used by 10% of mobile phone users but Apple takes way 90% of profit in mobile phone market. Is that brand value makes Apple phones more costly? Is Apple products are worth for the money spent?
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    I was under impression of that for many years. Until I came across some of the finest products from other brands. Everything you get from Apple is available at even cheaper price with other brands. There is nothing special about Apple. All the hardware and manufacturing happens in China. Just like most mobile brands. Compared to Nokia devices, Apple's are very easy to break. Yet people think Apple has quality.

    Most of the attraction towards apple is because of branding. They have an attractive UI that is yet to be competed by any platform and the brand. Xiaomi tried to replicate that UI design but they are not much closer with it.

    In case of Apple desktop and laptops, they have UNIX based system underneath which is a big plus. You get more productive with that system, so if we ignore the price that is something you can't find with UI rich platform. Only Linux and other UNIX based OS with specific distros have managed to compete with that part of apple.

    Apple offers nothing impressive in terms of hardware. If we look around mobiles under 15K. Those mobiles have an impressive processor and speed than Apple's expensive phones. Camera on those phones have more megapixels than apple and you can even compare the quality too.

    It all depends on how you react to hype and social response. It's like expensive car with low specs being praised over budget car with high specs. People give value to shiny objects. So it's natural for other people to follow the path and call it a value. I personally don't find Apple product to be of value worth paying for that price.

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    Well, my opinion is that it all finally boils down to the status symbol associated with the branding. Though I have not owned an Apple product till now, I have used them and frankly enough - did not find any huge difference between the functionalities.

    The only best part with Apple is the security of the system. Apple along with BlackBerry has always been synonymous with secure platform. Lookwise, they have a better UI. Other than those things, I do not think they have anything special about themselves.

    It definitely is the mentality that goes for a popular brand. Nothing more than that.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Well yes. Apple is better than the phones available at cheaper cost. Apple was the pioneer in introducing touchscreen. When it comes to performance and efficiency, Apple stands at the top.

    But at the same time, Is it worth buying a phone with such a high price range? For many of us, all we need in a phone is a facility for calls and messages and famous apps. Until the purpose is served, i think cost shouldn't matter if you have a phone worth 5k, 10k or 70k. For a lot of people, Apple is a symbol of economic status. Its of no use buying such a costly mobile if u do not know exploit its awesome features.

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