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    Can I use hosted AdSense account in techulator?

    I got one hosted AdSense account which got approved through ISC. Is it possible for me to use the same account in techulator? If not, is there any way to convert the hosted AdSense account to non hosted account through techulator? I thought to use my ISC AdSense account in techulator as both sites belongs to same group. Can someone guide me on this?
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    Please refer:
    Can I associate hosted adsense account approved through ISC in Techulator.

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    If you already have the Adsense account then you don't need to apply again. All you have to do is meet the specific criteria for revenue sharing. Once you meet that criteria then your options for revenue sharing will be enabled.

    You need to reach Gold level here on Techulator. Once you reach that level. You get to add the Publisher ID. Go to your dashboard and scroll down till you see the link " Manage AdSense Account" This should take you to the page where you can add the publisher ID. Once you add that then after few hours to days you'll start to see the impression. It depends on how many articles are hosted here on techulator. Less articles, less impressions and you may not even see the impression registered on Adsense account in that case.

    Do note that unless you're Diamond member you get the revenue sharing for per article for 1 year from the date of publication. So you have to regularly contribute to keep the adsense active on the articles.

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    @Ankit, can I use techulator to convert my hosted AdSense account to regular account?

    @Mahesh, my AdSense account is a hosted AdSense account. I think I may not able to use hosted AdSense account in techulator.

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    You cannot use the hosted Google AdSense account on Techulator. You need to have a normal AdSEnse account here.
    Well, recent changes from Google in its policies for using hosted accounts on other sites have made it possible. You need to apply for the same and once Google approves your application, you can use the account on other sites.
    You will need to sign in to your AdSense account and locate Access and authorization. under settings. In 'Show ads on other websites" section, enter the site you want to use it. Please note that you cannot use it unless Google approves your request.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    No, you can't use Techulator to do the conversion. You can get it done only from your own blog.

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    Thanks editor ji for your clear information. It helps us a lot.

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    This discussion has given rise to a doubt in my mind. Maybe it has already been answered, but I might have missed it.
    If I have an AdSense account from blogger, can I request to use it on Techulator using the above method of requesting Google to use it on other sites? Or can it be done only on my own sites?

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    No Timmappa, you can't use Techulator to upgrade your AdSense account approved from Blogspot.
    You need to buy your own website and get your AdSense account approved from there.

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    So once I upgrade my account from there, it can be used on other third party sites? Does it work?

    Sorry for pestering with silly questions.

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    Once your account is upgraded you can use it anywhere you want including at TEC.

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    Thank you for the information, Ankit. That was indeed much useful.
    Live....and Let Live!

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