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    Buying Experience on Flipkart

    I have noticed that when I select some product and put into the cart. If I come back to that product the price of the product increases by few Rs. I noticed that for some products. I added one product yesterday and today I checked the cart the price was increased by around 70 collectively for all three products added. This has nothing to do with price for shipping as that remained constant in both instances.

    I am not sure if this is common across every E-commerce site. However I never had similar experience on Amazon or snapdeal. Also flipkart seems to have few prices of products a bit more than other sites. I only wanted to spend my voucher code so I decided to buy within that amount. However it seems flipkart has this system of inflating the price.

    Not sure how it works on that site. But I removed all the products from cart and will only add at the time of transaction. It seems there is either bug or some sort of flipkart trick that makes shopping a bit expensive.

    Have you ever gone through similar experience?
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    I have been making regular purchases from Flipkart, but have not noticed any such inflated pricing. However, I never add a product to the cart and then wait for a couple of days. Maybe they inflate the prices.

    One thing I must agree - prices are a little on the higher side in comparison to other sites like SnapDeal and Amazon. But, overall shopping experience has always been better for me.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    I never faced such kind of issues with flipkart. It mostly looks a bug which needs to be fixed from flipkart end. Another reason may be the cost of the product will increase in the next day. Have you tried remove the product from cart and add it again? I hope it will recalculate the sum of all the products. Also, I suggest you to complaint this issue with flipkart. It will help some other users to face similar kind of problem.

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    I asked the same around facebook groups. I found that there are many other who faced similar experience. And this is going on for many years. So it doesn't look like some bug. To me it seems the issue is with the sellers. Some sellers could be inflating the price once they see the product getting added to the cart.

    Most of the people I asked around told me to stick around buyer named "WS RETAIL" which is flipkart itself. So that is my plan I am going to search for seller with that name and purchase accordingly.

    However not all the products are under that seller. So it is kind of hard to get the right product with right seller this way.

    Hopefully I get Amazon vouchers in future instead of Flipkart.

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    And that is why I never add a product the cart and wait to place the order. On the other hand it would be wiser to add the product to the wishlist. You can always keep checking the price and delete the item from wishlist if you decide not to buy the item later.

    Yes, opting for WS Retail as the sole seller is the best ever idea to get a good price.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    I have never purchased products from Flipkart and have had no such experience with Amazon India on the few occasions that I bought something from them.

    I would like to suggest: Instead of adding any product to the shopping cart, buyers instead should bookmark the page where the product is listed, adding it to their favourites list. You can then simply visit the page again when you are ready to actually purchase the product and then add it to your cart. This way, whatever hidden tracking tool the site admin. is doing to "catch" in-demand products and cheat buyers cannot be utilized by them.


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