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    TRAI rules against differential pricing- a win for Net Neutrality

    Much to the relief of the Internet users, TRAI has banned differential pricing of Internet services. This has in effect made plans like AirTel Zero and Free Basics illegal concepts in India.
    Facebook had been aggressively lobbying for its Free Basics ideology which has failed and the regulator has paid heed to what a majority of users have been demanding since long.
    I would wish to see how the Internet users feel about this much wanted ruling. TRAI made it clear that since the telecom operators do not process the whole system, they have no saying on the pricing.

    Come on - Techians, let us cherish the ruling which is in the interest of the majority of Internet users.
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    It is really good news for the people in India. Otherwise differential pricing would have killed a lot of financial side of people. Besides it would have created lobby inside the freebasics service itself. Most of the apps included into the freebasics were nothing but some propaganda news website and corporate freebies. It's good that TRAI remained neutral and gave the decision in favor of people. I am sure this backlash will make mark zuckerberg to come up with one new scheme to launch in india with some other name.

    Google is launching free internet on railways and other places. But even they are not asking TRAI to be biased against them.

    Hopefully people will have neutral access in future too. And TRAI don't end up getting sold to corporate.

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    TRAI has stated that it will review the decision only after two years. It has categorically denied to grant permission to grant permission to such differential pricing. Having done that in spite of an overwhelming number of emails in support of the free basics concept , it is a clear indication of TRAI being an unbiased authority.

    Hats off to TRAI.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Indeed TRAI did something good. This freebasics project was denied twice in India. First it was and then next it was renamed as freebasics. Who knows maybe their next attempt could be with some other name. And this time they may use the social activist like Amir Khan. I am sure this way they can create some sort of campaign for their next project. Last two campaigns they forced facebook users to send email to TRAI for their projects. It seems Mark zuckerberg is trying to push some sort of corporate funding. I don't know why one has to be so pushy if they have charity intentions in mind. Hope that things in future don't get much ugly.

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    I felt it is just a temporary solution for the issue. All the organization may come up with new plan to tackle the issue. Government as usual may turn in favor of such organization who are against net neutrality.
    We are not sure how things will change in future but we really need to appreciate the efforts made by volunteers and activities who are running the net neutrality campaign. They educated people about the net neutrality issue and bring the issue to limelight. They should take credits of decision made by TRAI.

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    Mark Zuckerberg has been stated to be "disappointed" with the ruling from Trai. He has stated that he will keep striving to "break barriers" to the connectivity.

    Going by what he has said we may expect some other plan camouflaged as being beneficial to the internet users.

    Live....and Let Live!

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