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    It's time to work in techulator

    Hi all,

    I am Karthikeyan from Coimbatore. I am happy to be a part of techulator. I am already a member of India study channel one of the sister site of techulator. I heard a lot about techulator. As a person who interested a lot in new technologies, I felt excited about join in techulator. I hope that I will contribute some good contents to techulator. I request all the senior members support in my journey in techulator.

    All the best friends!
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    Welcome to Techulator Karthikeyan.

    It's good to see new members coming to the site. I know that you being aware of the rules in the ISC, you won't have issues here. Most of the rules and stuff is common among two site. You just have to look around for help for some other things which are specific to this site. That being said, techulator is a nice place to spend time. I spend my idle time trying to answer and writing articles. There are very few of us active here. So more members are always better to interact with.

    Once again, welcome to techulator. Feel free to ask questions on Ask experts section. And looking forward to your contribution.


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    Welcome, Karthikeyan - to the best revenue sharing website in India. Since you are already associated with ISC, I do not think you will need any sort of introduction to Techulator.
    Only difference between techulator and ISC is the genre of content. We accept the content based on technology and banking/ finance. Moreover, the cash benefits on techulator are a little more per post basis than in ISC.
    The best section to start with would be Ask Experts. If you are good at writing tech based articles, you can try your hand at.

    Welcome, and hope to see good contribution from you.

    Live....and Let Live!

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