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    Best Facebook or twitter quote you have ever thought to be special?

    Most of us are on Facebook and Twitter. In fact, I am more active on Twitter than on Facebook (That has my own personal reasons. I do not like the attention seeking behaviour involved in Facebook). At times we come across best quotes on these widespread social networks. Some of them tend to be more thought provoking.
    What are your favourite Facebook or Twitter quotes? Every individual has a varied taste. You are welcome to share your best quotes that you loved the most here in this thread.
    Come on Techians, let us spread the best quotes we have ever read..
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    I used to visit Twitter and FB once in a while that too for a short duration, it is just to divert attention from regular work and relieve a bit as re-freshness. I prefer to visit Twitter than Facebook though it has nothing much to do except few different features among them.

    One of the best attractive quote I came across in Twitter was, as below;

    "Your excessive sharing of inspiration quotes is inspiring me to delete you".


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    I think there are too many good quotes to count. I think there are many good quotes for those who are addicted to facebook. For example, those who are feeling depression due to seeing reel life of other people on facebook or social media. There is this one quote that got me interested in this.

    "Depression is comparing reel life on facebook with your own real life and feeling bad about your life choices."

    I think this quote is really an eye opener for current and older generation. We always think grass is greener on other side and feel bad about our life circumstances.

    I think there was one research carried out and they made this conclusion:

    "This research and previous research indicates the act of socially comparing oneself to others is related to long-term destructive emotions. Any benefit gained from making social comparisons is temporary and engaging in frequent social comparison of any kind may be linked to lower well-being."

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