General guidelines for new members at

This is a general helpdesk to assist new members in starting off their journey at our site. These are just the very simple basics. More detailed guidelines are available at the Help topics pages, which deal with various sections & various aspects of each section as well.

Where to begin?

The forum is the best place to start. Just post a thread introducing yourself. This will help us to know that you arrived at our threshold and explain the general layout of our site. Subsequently, start posting forum threads on topics that will elicit discussion among members. Such interactions help us to get to know each other. You can also post forum threads of your queries. Do not hesitate to ask anything, whatever the smallest doubt.
What's more, in the forum we are not concerned about your English or writing skills. Use the forum, in fact, to work on these skills and develop it in a manner that would be acceptable in the other sections of our site.

What next?

Next, you should move to the Ask Expert section. In this section, members and visitors to our site submit queries for which they need guidance. You can check out the various categories and answer queries which lie in your field of knowledge & expertise. You can even look up information on the Net and provide answers. Naturally, all answers, like content in any of the sections, must be submitted in your own words and style of writing.

You can also submit your own questions. However, do not clutter a question with multiple queries and be clear about what you wish to know. For example, if you want feedback on what smartphone to buy, you need to mention your approximate budget. If you want to know how to resolve a Windows OS problem, it is good to mention which OS you are using (7, 8, 8.1, 10, XP?).

Like the forum, the Ask Expert section will also help you develop your writing skills and, as you continue to submit more answers, you will also gain a good dose of self-confidence.

What about articles and product reviews?

For the product reviews section, you will first need to make a good number of quality contributions for us to guage your skills & confirm you are adhering to the site's rules. Then posting permission will be granted in that section.

You can submit articles in the articles section but keep in mind that in this section really high quality content is expected. That is, your English should be reasonably good as also the presentation of the article. Ensure you submit articles in proper paragraphs, sentences are in the correct format, headings and points are put with HTML tags, images are not copyrighted, punctuation is taken care of, etc.

Things to keep in mind

  1. Across all sections, always submit a post in the correct category.

  2. Do not submit general topics which are more of a discussion type as an Ask Expert category. It should be submitted in the forum. Vice-versa, if you need guidance on a specific problem (other than those related to our site's features) you should submit it as a query in the Ask Expert section and not in the forum.

  3. In all sections, take care of proper sentence case in the title, summary (if required to be given), headings of the text, etc.

  4. Do not submit any external links in any post in any section nor should you promote any website in any manner. It is not allowed. If you feel it is important to mention a website and relevant to your post, such as when providing contact information in an article or an Ask Expert answer, then you could mention the URL of the website only in text form.

  5. You are welcome to give internal links to any of the pages of our site within the text of any post, wherever relevant. For example, in the articles section you can inter-link related articles. In the Ask Expert section, you can inter-link related questions.

Most important of all: no copied content anywhere.

So begin your wonderful journey with us by browsing through our various sections, checking out approved posts and thus getting a better understanding of our site. Clear your doubts in our forum and take our guidance. We'll help you to become an ace contributor to!