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    The "Tips" Tab in the Menu is not working

    I was just looking for some information and tips on Google AdSense, which used to be there in the "Tips" Tab in the main menu bar. Since the past few days, whenever I am clicking on it, nothing happens, the page stays there itself and only reloads the current page.

    I think, this "Tips" Tab is an essential one, especially for the newbies in the site, so I request the webmasters to take a look on this matter.
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    Thanks for pointing out the error. I am not sure how that menu item appeared. May be an error while configuring the site. I have removed it now.

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    Thank you Sir. But please let me know which is now the quick link for Adsense Tips?

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    Anwesha, there are no specific tips for AdSense. The Google AdSense is a pretty common subject and you can find numerous resources by searching using our search box. Do you need any specific help on AdSense?

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    As far as I remember there was one specific section in Techulator, on Adsense. I think it might be available in the help topics now. I was searching for it, because I still don't have an account, and not very clear about it. I got a number of tips till now, but still confused about the entire scenario.

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    As I could see, you can have access to Google AdSense tips or related information through two different options.
    Navigate to Articles and click on Google AdSense Tips in the drop down list. You may refer to the articles concerning the topic.

    Or else, follow the path Members->Help. Now click on the tab that reads Google AdSense. You will get access to multiple tips on the topic concerned.

    I am not sure whether you are referring to the same feature or anything else, but hopefully this will help you out in your current need.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Check the top menu "Articles". Inside this menu it has link to "Adsense Tips". This page is basically syndication of the category "Adsense". And all the articles based on popularity are sorted there.

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    Thanks Mahesh, I must have seen it, but couldn't place it properly.

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    What I suggest is that if you have any doubts about the AdSense program, policies and application process and need clarifications, post queries in the AE section or as a forum thread. Sometimes going through resources gets one's mind overloaded with mind boggling information that one just cannot process! It is far easier to understand when one asks questions one at a time individually and takes guidance accordingly.


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    Thanks Vandana, that is exactly what has happened with me. Let me try what you've suggested.

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    Incidentally, the Google AdSense policies are also heavy on the mind. Of course, as an AdSense publisher one must read and follow the policies but often one tends to get completely confused, not to mention scared about violating any of the policies. That is why many publishers post their queries in the generally AdSense Help forum to get specific guidance on individual issues.

    Our tech site is really a fount of tips but, as I said, one can get lost in the maze of information. I find Tony Sir's articles the most useful because they explain things simply without the usual tech jargon so for a total tech ignoramus like me, it is a Godsend! Then there is individual guidance given by him and Ankit when I ask them queries by email - they are so patient in explaining things to me. Do take their help when needed.


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