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    Delete Resource from Techulator

    Hello!!! Due to some reason, I want to delete my resource from this Techulator. How can I do that?
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    Once published, the contribution becomes the property of Techulator. You are not allowed to delete any of your contributions including articles. If, however, your article is yet to be reviewed, or in pending status - you may request the webmasters for the necessary action. Please note that you need a stronger reason for doing so. The decision of whether or not allow it rests with the web masters and the team.

    Under the standard conditions a resource submitted cannot be deleted.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    What if I want to delete my resource and allow Techulator team to degrade my earning and points ?

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    We spend a lot of time and efforts to review and tune every article published in this website. Our cost for publishing your article is usually more than the cash credits we give you for the same. Moreover, once an article is published, we create links to it from various other articles and pages in this site and also sometimes those articles are shared in social media. They are already indexed by Google. Deleting an article will cause us financial loss as well as it will break links from other pages and also cause some mess in our search engine ranking.

    Considering the above factors, we will allow deletion of articles only if there are solid reasons to do so.

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    As has been pointed out by Tony sir, it is not just the question of points and earnings. There is a lot of SEO involved in it. If you have an issue with the site or your payments, it would be advisable to to contact webmasters to resolve the problems.
    From the tone of what you have been asking to, it appears as if you want to publish the same article elsewhere. I would like to remind you that such an action amounts to violation of copyrights.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    As clearly stated in Techulator's Terms and Condition, after submiting any resource online it becomes property of Techulator. In exchange of that you are paid a amount of cash credits. Generally, you are paid for the work you did for a company. I think your problem is solved.

    Joy Joon

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    Vijay Kumar Rana,
    I would advise you to read: Terms of Use which clearly states that "The articles, tutorials, projects and other content published on this site will become the property of the site." and that "once published article or code may not be removed from the site by the author."


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