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    How to earn money by techulator ?? I am new on this site

    Hello friends please tell me how to earn money from this site i am new & want to earn more money by this program and i also want to know that how can i earn money by giving answers of people questions. And Please tell me that when i will achieve Gold membership google will massage me for create google ad sense account ??
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    Welcome Shafat Khan to the best ever revenue sharing website in India.
    As a beginner, I would expect you to go through the different sections of the site for a couple of days and learn how does the site work. You will get a clear idea about what kind of contribution does Techulator expect from its members.

    It would be a good idea to start off with the Ask Experts section. The section has questions asked by our members on varied topics. If you have enough knowledge in the respective topic you can decide to answer the question. Go through the approved questions and responses there in. You can navigate to the section by clicking on forums -> Ask Experts. You will see the list of approved questions. Click on the one you would wish to answer, scroll down to the bottom where you can see the message box. Type in your response and submit. You will be given cash credits and points based on the relevance and quality of your answers.
    If you are good at writing articles, you may submit your articles in the section. Do note that we accept only technology and finance related articles. Read the approved articles to understand the quality we expect.
    As for the second part of your query, the member level depends upon the points you accumulate on account of your contributions. Once you cross 500 points, you will become a gold level member. But please note that you cannot apply for Google AdSense from our site. If you already have a AdSense account, you can associate it with your Techulator account to get the revenue share.

    Welcome once again. Hope to see some good contribution from you.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Hi shafat, welcome to techulator.

    Starting with this site and getting into the flow will take you some time. So be patient and get used to these. There are 3 sections in this techulator, Article section ( Resource ), Ask experts, Discussion forums.

    You can start from any of these sections, In Resource section you can write articles based on your knowledge and there are so many categories where you can work on and write. You will earn points and cash, which will depend on your writing and the topic.If you have Adsense account you can use it here.

    The discussion forum is solely for discussion among fellow members and in some cases this too can earn your money but in most of the case, it would be points. Points help you to reach membership level like you mention Gold.

    Ask experts section is the main one and it would earn you both points and cash. Work out more on this section and be perfect with this. Be specific and those copy and paste from other resources.

    Be sure you are pretty perfect with your writing skills and all that stuff.

    Go through these and with time, you can earn & learn more and if any problems or doubts, you can always use discussion forums or contact fellow members.

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    Shafat Khan,
    Glad to welcome a new member to our site. I would suggest that, for a start, be active in the forum to first work on your English and writing skills before you venture into other sections. You need to understand correct sentence case [e.g. I and not i] and work on the use of correct words [e.g. message and not massage in the context of your query]. In the forum section we are lenient about such things, but in the Ask Expert section and more so in the articles section, such basic errors will result in your post getting shifted to pending/delete mode.

    It would also be a good idea to check the approved posts of contributors who are at the higher levels of membership. This will help you to understand how exactly to present your own post.


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    Thanks To All

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