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    Internet addiction - the repurcussions

    A latest study has indicated that more of Internet addiction can lead to lower immunity. We have seen the younger generation has been too much inclined towards this sort of addiction. Is it not the need of the hour to curb this over use of technology?

    Another study has indicated that the Problematic Internet Use - or PIU as it is called can cause conflicts within the family. The PIU has been associated with symptoms like sleep disorders, depression etc. The abuse Internet, or as we can say addiction to it leads to health related - both mental and physical - consequences like lack of attention, hostility, social phobia and hyperactivity.
    Interestingly enough, the study does not blame youngsters alone. It puts both the parents ( who are equally addicted to the net) and the students in the same plane to analyse the repercussions.

    Techians, share your views so that we can have a healthy discussion over this evil necessity.
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    Any addiction is harmful and have its own repercussions. The only thing which can bring down the ill effects is a little bit of moderation, control and a total understanding of life. When the parents are always busy in their own world, the youngsters go to defense and take refuge in this virtual world.
    So instead of blaming the younger generation for this, if the parents can invest in spending some quality time with their children, things can get back to a normal position again.

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    Whenever something new comes along, there is always an initial excitement & everybody is thrilled about how it has made life easier, things faster and the like. Then the reality hits - is it all good? The bad aspects come out of the woodwork. This has exactly what has happened with the Net. We get bombarded with new inventions like the Net but find it difficult to know how exactly to curb the over-craze for it to the extent that our health and quality time with our family & friends gets affected. Schedules of even basics, like meals, go for a toss. At any hour of the day and even odd hour of the night, we seem to want to log into to the Net. So it is not just the younger generation which is facing the repercussions of Internet addiction. It is actually everyone, across all age groups.

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    Too much of anything then it is good for nothing (except too much good deeds :) ), so, it is even applies for internet usage too, that can affect many personal and professional life as well.

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