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    11 Ask Expert Queries Cross 1000 Visitors

    11 of my Ask Expert Queries have crossed the 1000 visitors mark. They are as under:

    /experts/3976-Does-Coolpad-Dazen-1-support-OTG-cable.aspx -- 2007

    /experts/3985-Which-is-the-best-smartphone-between-YU-Yuphoria-vs-Lenovo-A6000-Plus.aspx --1002

    /experts/4014-Does-Micromax-Canvas-Sliver-5-support-OTG-cable.aspx --1142

    /experts/4137-Is-there-any-heat-issue-with-Motorola-Moto-G-third-generation-2015.aspx -- 3391

    Can I get any Bonus for these overwhelming traffic( all organic traffic) in these posts :-

    /experts/4136-Does-Motorola-Moto-G-third-generation-2015-support-OTG-cable.aspx --7268

    /experts/4121-Is-there-any-heat-issue-with-Yu-Yureka-Plus.aspx --3945

    /experts/3974-Does-Sony-Xperia-M4-Aqua-support-OTG-cable.aspx --3988

    /experts/4138-Does-OnePlus-2-support-OTG-cable.aspx --5144

    /experts/4151-Does-Samsung-Galaxy-Grand-Prime-4G-support-OTG-cable.aspx -4263

    /experts/4016-How-to-solve-heating-issue-of-Yu-Yuphoria.aspx --5758

    /experts/4067-Is-there-any-heat-issue-with-Lenovo-K3-Note.aspx -10151

    Kindly review the traffic count and reward.
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    Great to see you getting such good traffic to your Ask Expert questions. Congrats on achieving this feat.

    Hopefully, Tony sir will review the same and decide on it.
    By the way can you share with us how exactly you check the traffic. Most of us members have been feeling confused with the procedure.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    I have not achieved it for even one AE thread!! Hearty congrats for your achievement. The Webmasters have been informed of your success. They will check and confirm the reward.


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    That's pretty good and can you explain how to check traffic for that and also can anyone explain the rewards for the traffic count?


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    @Pranay, if any of your Ask Experts questions get a traffic of more than 1000 visitors, you will get Rs. 100 additional bonus for that particular question.
    But, only organic traffic is considered for arriving at the total traffic count.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Members might find this Ask Expert thread useful in relation to organic traffic: What is organic traffic and how to get it?.

    I would like the Webmasters to answer my forum query too which has unfortunately gone unanswered: Problem with Check Traffic unresolved.


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    Hii Webmasters,

    It has been 14 days and still the questions are not reviewed.

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    Webmasters have once again been alerted about this forum query. Hopefully, Tony sir will reply soon in this thread.

    Till then, we would request you to have patience, though I know it would be a tougher task.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Its now more than a month, but still my questions are not reviewed. Its quite disappointing that techulator is not active as before.

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    We have been following the traffic in the said pages and have discovered certain suspicious patterns with strong evidence suggesting they are not real traffic. We will give credits only for natural traffic.

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    I also wanted to know the suspicious patterns and give credits for natural traffic.

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    While there is some natural traffic, majority of the traffic in the said pages are not natural. They are made up traffic according to our analysis. That's the reason we are unable to credit any rewards for the same.

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