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    Do you get incited to buy a product or avail of a service through advertisements?

    The power of some advertisements, be it in the print, on TV or on the Net, is such that you feel compelled to purchase the product or service it is promoting. For something expensive, such as a smartphone, we are likely to first check out reviews, ask around, look at the product in a retail store and then decide whether or not to buy it. However, for something like a ready-to-eat packaged food or a new flavour of our favourite chocolate or ice-cream, don't you feel a strong temptation to right away buy it?

    Have you ever bought something based only on what you saw in an advertisement?
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    Well, I do not get inspired much by advertisements. I try to analyse the products by their features first before actually taking the decision on purchasing it.

    But, I must say ads are must. They let you know about the new product launches. However, taking a decision solely based on the advertisements alone will not be practical.

    In a nutshell, I am inspired by ads, but not to the extent of buying the product right away.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Rather it has the opposite impact on me. Too much advertisement of a product creates an aversion in me for that product. But kids do get inspired by those ads and buckling under their pressure, we had to buy a handful of items because of them.
    For example, Cadbury Gems was one of my favorite items, but the repeatedly coming ads made me feel reluctant to go for it nowadays.

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    Children being inspired by the ads and forcing parents to buy the items is the universal truth. You are forced to buy the items buckling under the pressure even when you are not interested in buying the said products.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    I think there is big bubble of ads and bad products being thrown at us.

    For example, first they tell you how bad you are with your current limitations and then offer you solution. Be it weight loss and other health products. All these things create a mental hollow and once that bubble breaks people wake up and stop paying attention to this.

    This was one reason it was harder to sell coke during 90s. People were aware of the pesticide content like they are now. But today people prefer it despite knowing the issues. Same with maggi. Unless this bubble breaks with some collateral people don't learn.

    I admit I was inspired by Mac and apple stuff. But more I learned about money. I started paying less attention to expensive stuff.

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    Advertisements have an impression on me. I started eating Maggi from long back and my encounter with Maggi, all it started with an advertisement. Am not regretting the decision of having it, even it contains some XYZ in it. Everything will be harmful just we are unaware of that. The day we will come to know about them we will avoid it but the same thing will take into another transform rather than disappearing.

    Till now only Maggi is the one product which I encountered with advertisements and rest of all, didn't impressed me. If some advertisement impressed me then I will definitely try it this will be followed only in food items.

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    I myself do not get incited to buy expensive stuff solely on the basis of advertisements. The one over-priced thing I did try out was an ice cream! It was Magnum chocolate ice cream and cost Rs.85/-. I just wanted to know why on earth an ice-cream was so expensive! I must admit it was delicious and really thick, not like just a piece of coloured frozen ice on a stick. Naturally, though, considering its exorbitant price, I did not buy it again.

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