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    Get revenue all outsides of India

    I got question regarding the payment. If someone get above the minimum requirements of payment amount, how does Techulator gives payment outside India ? Clear explanation will be appreciated.
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    We didn't have to pay anyone outside India except a few cases. We have paid through Paypal to few people but that is an expensive transfer. We will address it on case to case basis.

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    i am from outside of India. What would you suggest for the transfer process sir as I am from Nepal?

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    I see no benefits in contribution if there is only payment in India.

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    As Tony sir said in his response, such cases are handled on case to case basis. As such, I would advice you to either wait for an update from him here in this thread or contact him through private messaging to discuss it further.
    Hope to see a resolution to your issues soon.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    If Paypal works to transfer to Nepal, we can do that. I haven't tried it in the past but hope that will work.

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    Ok thanks for the reply Sir. I hope there will be solution for this issue.

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    Paypal or Xoom both works in Nepal if I am not wrong. I have seen some of the freelancers in Upwork. So I am sure Xoom and Paypal works. Make sure you have bank account setup because either of this method requires you to have bank account to get the money in final process. Xoom is better if you want to reduce the payment fees on both sides. Also the rate of exchange is good with Xoom.

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    As indicated by Mahesh, I would suggest you first confirm from Paypal what would be the processing fees which would be cut when receiving payment from Paypal.

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    I think it is possible to fund transfer to nepal through paypal because paypal is serve to all over world but you need to complete some process in your bank side.please conform that process and try

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    We cannot open paypal account in nepal directly. Someone in USA need to open account for us which is a bit lengthy.

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    Hi Vijay,

    You can't open Paypal, however you still have option for Payoneer it seems. Also Xoom getting acquired by Paypal means less countries will be supported by it. I just checked the list earlier it was available for around 80 countries. And now XOOM has reduced their list of countries.

    I suggest you to open bank account in Nepal SBI bank. This way any SBI bank from india can be used to pay to your account.

    Check this site:

    If not SBI you can also choose the banks that are common in between india and nepal. For example, standard chartered and few other banks.

    Check here:

    Trying to withdraw 1000 Rs from here won't give you much after bank fees. I suggest having larger balance before you choose to withdraw.

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    Thank you for your nice suggestion. I will check the link and do accordingly

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