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    Net neutrality - in which way will the wind blow?

    The deadline set by TRAI to receive suggestions and opinions on the differential pricing for internet services has ended on January 7. The initial reports have suggested that 80% of the responses have arrived come in favour of free basics. Is it not the mockery of the principle of net neutrality?
    Facebook has been aggressively lobbying for the free basics. It came up with persistent pop ups to support it bith on its apps and other portals. We all are well aware that not all the users of Facebook have a sound knowledge of what internet is capable of. From that point of view, it is quite possible that the whole process has been sabotaged by Facebook.
    What are your views on this development, guys? I hope more and more members will come with their views.

    Come on, let us strive to save the Internet.
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    Facebook got the favor of freebasics by tricking users to sign up for the service. And this is why many people are assuming freebasics is good for the society. Without such tricks, I bet they won't even get 8% from the facebook users.

    Most likely money always wins. So facebook won this fight it seems. And we'll be forced with packs of IIN, freebasics from now on. I'll be sticking with broadband for serious work. I am going to limit my exploration with mobile data to save my money. I don't need freebasics like most intermediate internet users.

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    FaceBook took this very seriously and I saw advertisements in Newspapers, Bus stands etc. This may be a problem to bloggers, Startups where the normal user should be paid more to access other websites.

    This is a bit worry and will see how TRAI reacts to this and how this goes on. I support Free internet not free basis.

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    I just hope TRAI uses common sense and makes all the responses from automated systems invalid. In its essence, only those responses coming from individual email IDs should be treated as being genuine. But the irony is that even the missed calls ( another form of lobbying by those favouring free basics)have been treated as suggestions in favour of free basics.
    Live....and Let Live!

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