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    Point system guide and feedback

    I can see my points in Active Members Section are increasing. But On the Dropdown of my profile at the top right section, my Total Points are not increasing as in Active member section ? Any Idea ?
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    In the top right under your profile, those are not updated as much quickly as you can see in Active members.

    Still you can solve this, go to Dashboard and you will find re-calculate my points, re-calculate my earnings and when you click this options, you will presented with the correct set of points and earnings.

    This option is available only twice a day, I think.

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    If you want to get the real time value of your points and earnings, you can do it through your dashboard. To do it, follow these steps - Once you sign in to your Techulator account, click on your name displayed. In the drop down list , click on Dashboard. In the ensuing screen, you can recalculate your points and earnings.
    By the way, Pranay - you can do it as many times as you may wish to. You will have to sign out and sign back in to get the options.
    However, please note that the points will not be added to your account under "contributions" tab till they are reviewed and approved.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Thanks, Timmappa, I don't know about that. Never used sign out option.

    Thanks again for the tip.


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    This was a tricky one. But it is really helpful. Thanks

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    Note one more thing: you can use the re-calculate feature, for points and for earnings, only once per log-in session. That means that once you log-in, you will not be able to constantly use during that period. I generally do not use the feature frequently, only once or twice in a month and right away some article gets approved, as an article does generate the most points and cc, so it is great to see the upward rise on re-calculating.

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    Thank you all for your suggestion. It was really helpful for me

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