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    Two Products Left unchecked

    This thread is to inform the editors and the webmaster that in the checking of the Product section this time my two products were left unchecked. This been so long time but they are still not checked. I guess they were left behind mistakenly so I request the editors to pass this information to the webmaster and I also request the webmaster to please check these products. The link for those two Products is given below :

    HTC One A9 Reviews, Specification, Price & Best Deals

    HTC Desire 820 Reviews, Specification, Price & Best Deals
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    Thanks for alerting.
    Your Product submissions seem to be in the pending status. I could not find any new submissions pending. Kindly check it in the section and try making necessary changes and resubmit.

    I am sure your submissions will be reviewed soon.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    I too have checked them Aman, the first one is in Pending status, where you need to add the price and the second one too has some issues, where you need to make some changes. After you are done with re-submit them.

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    It looks like members cannot know why the post is put in pending because the editor's comment is not visible to them. I will inform the Webmasters about this.

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    Well, yes - unlike other sections, you do not get to see the reasons why your product reviews are pending.
    My questions is can regular members find that their posts are pending? Maybe if they can, clicking on "Edit" button should bring the reason before them. I cant check it as being an editor it is visible to me.

    As a regular member, if I would go to "My Posts" under Product reviews section and check for my product submissions. Will it show as pending?

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Yes, through the 'My Posts' link you can know your approved/pending posts. However, if the reason is not visible as to why it is pending, you will not be able to make the requisite corrections.

    @ Jack: I check the 'My Posts' link and it is working fine for me. Have you submitted any posts in the Products section?


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